Prototype CAME-Optimus Gimbal Testing

Although this CAME-OPTIMUS Gimbal i'm working with is an early prototype, it's been a solid workhorse. I've been putting it to the test on several Real Estate listings shooting up to 6 hours a day on a single battery.

I'm using the CAME-OPTIMUS Gimbal mainly with the GH4 or Sony A7s and have not had any issues so far. For small mirror-less cameras like the GH4 or Sony A7sII with native lenses, I'm guessing this could turn out to be a very popular item.

Here's a recent video I helped out with from BluSkyFilms showcasing many CAME-TV Optimus gimbal examples along with some footage from the DJI Phantom 4.


4 thoughts on “Prototype CAME-Optimus Gimbal Testing

  1. Post author

    @Terry J - I find myself using dual handles. Even with the CAME-SINGLE that has one handle, the two handle adapter works better for me.

  2. Terry J

    Hey Em, love your work with Bluesky on the RE vids.

    For your real estate work do you prefer the single handled operation of the Optimus or are you finding yourself using the double handles as well?

    I am trying to decide between the Mini 3 or the optimus for this type of work.

    I can see the benefit of the single handle operation for getting into tight spaces and doorways etc - just having not used one personally the double handles look 'easier' for getting steady shots.

    Appreciate any thoughts you may have given your experience with using the optimus on RE vids - thank you!

  3. Hey Em, currently used nikon d5300 and tokina 11-20 on pilotfly h1. its definitely on the heavy side for that gimble (but still below the 1.1kg eight max). Do you rekon the optimus could handle it. The h2 has a limit of 2.2kg, does the optimus come close?

    Nice vid BTW

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