PNC VF-4 DSLR LCD ViewFinder Sale – $99

If you didn't catch the newsletter, the PNC VF-4 LCD ViewFinder and the VF-4 Extension Bracket Bundle is currently on sale for just $99.99 / $109.99. I believe this is the lowest price it has been since it was introduced a few months ago.


For more information about the PNC VF-4 LCD ViewFinder, check out


16 thoughts on “PNC VF-4 DSLR LCD ViewFinder Sale – $99

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Adam - It's weird that Manfrotto offers a few different sizes in the RC2. It may or may not fit depending what RC2 ball head, QR plate, or fluid head you are using. If it doesn't work, you need to attach it to the bottom holes.

  2. Adam

    Does the QR plate also work on an RC2 natively or would I have to use an adapter on one of the threaded holes?

  3. Just got this in! I'll be shooting with it next week in Florida and will get an idea how it really holds up in sunlight. But I am really impressed with how well-built and feature-heavy it is. Thanks again for posting this deal! I would have never found it otherwise.

  4. Johnson

    @efex, the tight fit doesnt bother me, you just have to attach it on with the bottom 1/4-20 plate loose and vice versa for removal.

  5. marklondon

    This the same as the Carryspeed VF4? Looks very similar.
    I love that viewfinder, and i own a Zacuto.

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