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watch image above for animated zoom action I was searching for a Nikon Coffee mug as a gift for a Nikon fanatic friend and ran into this. I just posted an article about Lens Replica Coffee Mugs getting an upgrade, and all of a sudden there's a new one out with another upgrade. Looks like ...continue reading


If you were lucky enough to grab one of these Canon L Lens Replica Coffe Mugs, then you would know how close the actual design is to the real thing. To finish my mug off aesthetically, I decided to order an aftermarket Canon 70-200 F/4  tripod ring from eBay. It fits perfectly, and adds that finished ...continue reading


click image to buy click image to buy I've gotten alot of questions about these Canon Coffee mugs that were first released for promotional items during the Winter Olympics in Canada (hence the french on the box). Through my long long long research i've found that there is only 1 manufacturer in China who produces ...continue reading


Old video - The 24-105mm has been upgraded with Stainless Steel Inserts If you're out of gift ideas for what to get your camera geek buddies, you may want to check out the Coffee Mug Lens Replicas. I'm all over this one. After the initial release of the Canon 70-200mm F/4 at the Olympics, there's ...continue reading


Funny it's not often I stare over at my Cameras and think "This thing is going to save me some money". Well that could all change with this novelty product designed after a Canon 350D DSLR with 24-105mm F/4L lens. It's a Piggy bank, less the pig. Very cool, wish I had seen this earlier, ...continue reading

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Unlike the 70-200mm F/4 Coffee Mug at the Winter Olympics, this cup was never released directly by Canon. When this lens replica cup was first available, it was a very cheap looking, terrible design, that had many many flaws. After finding that there is a 'Version 2' of this lens with over 90% accuracy, it ...continue reading