Off to NAB 2011 – Las Vegas


Keep an eye on this blog, and spread the word. I'll be offline from the blog for a bit, but i'll be able to check twitter and email. I'm heading out to Las Vegas for the NAB conference where i'll check out some of the latest trends in Digital Video. I'm actually out there with a few friends i've networked with and will be covering the products and adding it to this blog as quickly as possible, hopefully 'during' the conference right from the floor.

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6 thoughts on “Off to NAB 2011 – Las Vegas

    I was at NAB, in fact, flying home tom.
    Bad news and good news. Bad news is they have NOT realeased any new studio version....good news is that they have a new final cut pro thats only $300 that is much better than the old pro, has built in color like software, can auto sync your audio recorded from your H4N or whatever you have, it syncs right to your clip. Its included. Amazing-and just a update. Thats my two cents! :)
    Any more questions?

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