Odd Little Video Lights

Here's a couple of unusual lights for video. The first is this new CN-126B Flat LED Ring Light. The design allows you to mount over your shotgun microphone, or on the camera hotshoe with the included mount.

126B CN-126B Flat Ring LightFlat Ring Light 126B CN-126B126B Ring Light
find-price-button CN-126B Round LED Video Light

Mounting the LED light over a shotgun microphone is pretty much a copy of the RotoLight (as seen here). The Rotolight resembles those uber cheap UFO LED Camping Lights (as seen here).

The next light is the Super Power T6A Video Light that uses 6 high powered LED Bulbs. Runs on Sony batteries, plastic diffuser, tungsten filter, dimmable, with battery status indicator. Quite a few of these were sold in the last month, but I can't seem to find any reviews just yet.

Super T6A LED Video LightSuper Video Light T6A
find-price-button Super Power T6A LED Video Light

This final most unusual light is this 250W Wireless Strobe (a.k.a flash) + LED Video light. Available in four different colors, comes in single or (2) piece kit that can be used as a continuous LED video light, or as a 250w flash for still photos, and tungsten or other creative color filters can be placed on the barn doors. Curious if the LED lights work simultaneously with the Strobe to work as modeling lights (for positioning your flashes). Place with an umbrella and you can fire the flash wirelessly with the included remotes. Comes with two flash head units, two wireless triggers, two Sony type batteries (AA battery adapter), and carrying case.

find-price-button 250W Flash Strobe LED Video Light Wireless Trigger


6 thoughts on “Odd Little Video Lights

  1. Hole of the above looks to be 4cm in diameter. Ill measure the hero3 black when it ships and see if I can ghetto a mount for it. Be great for an upcoming friends birthday party.

  2. Any idea if the hole for the 'CN-126B Flat LED Ring Light' is large enough for a go pro to video through? Thinking about continuous lighting options for my hero3. I suspect it would vignette wide, but maybe one of the more zoomed settings would be ok??

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