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I was just advised about, a forum for improving the qualities on limited Nikon DSLR cameras. I love the quality from Nikon, just couldn't get past some of the limited video features compared to other affordable DSLRs/Mirrorless cameras. So i'm excited to see what new features they will be able to 'unlock' from possibly some of the more affordable Nikon cameras.

I'm not sure how many people remember the DSLR Video revolution, but much of it was circled around the release of the Canon 5D Mark II. What some may not remember was how limited the camera's 'manual' functions were and how many people would come up with workarounds. No manual audio levels, no manual aperture settings, etc.

The Magic Lantern firmware hack to improve video qualities on the Canon DSLRs pushed the cameras further into the industry. Panasonic also received a big 'push' when the GH2 camera was hacked with higher video bitrates. With this website working to improve the quality of Nikon DSLRs, let's see if Nikon will finally have a bigger 'push' into this industry as well. If you're a Nikon shooter, check them out at

NikonHacker Nikon Hack Firmware Beta Software


5 thoughts on “ – Improving Nikon DSLRs

  1. Steve

    Does anyone know of any hacks or firmware replacements for the Nikon CoolPix L830? I'd really like to get shutter control.

  2. They just unlocked the Bitrate on the D800! This should be mentioned in the article as it's a major advancement and help!

  3. VisX

    I guess many have already gave up hope about Nikon developing DSLR with improved video features.

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