Engadget just posted an article about the new Nikon D4, and it looks like a true winner. [Thanks Alex] A full frame camera that goes toe to toe with Canon’s (unreleased) 1Dx, with built in Ethernet that can transmit photos or can be controlled remotely via a web browser. Wifi capable, and the most important thing for video shooters – uncompressed video output to capture to an external device. Estimated price $6K which is cheaper than Canon’s 1Dx estimated price. Let’s hope they don’t fail by not providing FULL manual video controls. Check out more of the specs and a video over at (click here).

find-price-button Nikon D4 Full Frame DSLR Price and Availability

B&H has also published a product listing that verifies the new price (found here) and estimated release date (earlier than the 1Dx), along with an article for the Nikon D4 announcement with some other interesting insights (click here).

Nikon’s higher end cameras tend to stay out of stock once they become available. If you’re a Nikon guy who’s already sold on the spec sheet, Adorama is already taking pre-orders (click here).

find-price-button Nikon D4 Pre-Order via Adorama

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