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To be clear, PNC ( is a company I design for and you'll see me blog about those products periodically. Today i'm giving you some inside information that PNC will be releasing a new full size rotating video dolly very soon. The wider platform on the new rotating video dolly will be able to support much larger and heavier cameras like the RED Scarlet, FS100, AF100, mount larger video fluid heads, and hold more accessories. It's a very interesting design, which I think you'll all love, but so far we can't come up with a name. I actually have less than 24 hours to come up with something clever, so i'm crowd sourcing for ideas in a contest sort of fashion.

We need suggestions for a name, and if PNC decides to use it, you'll be one of the first to recieve this new Full Size Rotating Video Dolly - FREE. This includes International countries too! If it helps, the new Dolly will be mostly black with red accents, still have four wheels, and two unusually designed axles to adjust for rotation. Leave those suggestions in the comments, and make sure you're using your real email address to get notified. Don't forget to Tweet about this contest!


331 thoughts on “Name The New PNC Video Dolly – Contest

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  2. Arian

    1) Cinetech
    2) Rollit
    3) Ptrack
    4) PNC pro
    5) Pico Pro
    6) Heavy Roll
    7) Pico X2
    8) TICO FLEX
    9) RFL Dolly
    10) HEAVY D

  3. Chris S

    How could it be named anything but the "Salvador Dolly"?
    Salvador had a love for everything that was gilded and excessive. Being a bigger dolly would fit the bill on that.

    Can't wait to see the new dolly on the market.


  4. Nick R

    May be a little late but here are a few i thought of

    Roto-Flex Pro
    black Widow
    RotoX Dolly
    RotoX Pro
    Mini Mammoth
    Roto-Glide Pro
    Roto-Glide x
    Actuator pro

  5. Muhammed

    picolava slider
    due to red and black colors
    P-lava slider
    or novuo slider or novuo-lava slider

  6. Roll-amite
    Pico paco
    delaire glide
    Sugar glyder
    Black diamond
    Rip tide
    Bearing strait
    The mule
    Pico mover
    Axel folley
    The rototate
    The rotator

  7. Erik

    Rotoflex (HD)
    Rotaflex (HD)
    Rotoglide (HD)
    Rotaglide (HD)
    Roto-slide (HD)
    Rota-slide (HD)
    Dually (think pick up truck with four wheels across the back)
    Dooly (same as above but spelled like dolly)
    DP HD (Dolly Phlex or Dolly PNC)
    DP Slide
    DP Glide
    PNC Spree (like spree wheel or shooting spree [the good kind])
    Slide Roll

  8. hansd35

    I ran through ALL the suggestions and here are my favorites.
    It's interesting that almost all come from guys who only posted one name - they obviously gave thought about it instead of spitting out names randomly.

    - Chuck Norris Dolly (my favorite, not possible though of course :) )

    - Kilo (2 syllables like Pico, immidiately suggests that it's the 'heavy duty' dolly version)

    - Kawa (2 syllables like Pico, nice meaning of the Japanese word, 'stream/good story'; like the sound of it)

    - Tera (2 syllables like Pico, opposite meaning of Pico, makes sense for product line context)

    - Komodo (although Komodo is the name of the island and not the varan, if it's called 'Komodo Dolly' it instantly brings up the picture of the animal, which is the biggest living reptile and thus makes sense as the dolly will be the 'heavy duty' version; also like the sound of it)

    Could be that I forget another nice one. if you can't make Chuck Norris allow you to use his name, I'd vote for one of these.

  9. Darius

    The PNC Arachnid.

    The PNC Helix Dolly

    That Dolly Parton joke is getting a lot of run, I can't wait to see what the actual name ends up being.

  10. Bernie H.

    Hi Emm,
    I would suggest the following:

    Dolly Parton


    kidding aside...

    Dolly be good
    Hercules dolly
    Superflex dolly

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