NAB 2014: Shape iSEE II DSLR Gimbal Shoulder Mount

As companies introduce new products during the NAB Show, you can pick up a sense of coming trends. Active stabilized gimbals were very prominent at the 2014 NAB show, and Shape has introduced a few gimbal stabilized products. One handheld stabilizer is dedicated for GoPro Hero, iPhone, or small cameras, and another iSEE II product is combining this technology with a Shoulder Rig Stabilizer.

More information about the Shape iSEE II DSLR Gimbal Shoulder Mount can be found at the website.

SHAPE ISEEII GIMBAL WEBSITE PICTURE 640X480-v1Shape Gimbal GoPro Hero Camera iSee
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3 thoughts on “NAB 2014: Shape iSEE II DSLR Gimbal Shoulder Mount

  1. Tim Cowell

    Nice GoPro gimbal. Such as shame the GoPro LCD would be barely visible behind that black block.

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