Limited Edition Transformers Trilogy Set

The complete (Seven-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Boxed Set) Transformers / Transformers 2 / Transformers 3 (+ Blu-ray 3D Version) with a special Film Strip and signed. Only 5K units available, pre-orders are open (click here)

Transformers Limited Edition set
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10 thoughts on “Limited Edition Transformers Trilogy Set

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Meji - The one scene where they put a tent up across the entire city just to mimic a night scene was crazy...

  2. I'm not even going to lie. When I first saw this I was wondering why it was posted here - then as I watched the video I saw 3 hours of behind the scenes and thought yeah that could be useful

    Okay I may not have a Michael Bay budget or anything but you can learn the smallest things from these clips. No knowledge is bad to me anyways.

    I mean have you seen the behind the scenes to the Inception corridor shot? That's awesome. Let's open our minds people!


  3. moi

    Let's face it : Michael Bay COULD be a great director !

    But he ain't, i mean technically he is, but imho, the first half of THE ISLAND is his only serious stuff as a director, and not merely a mass entertainer (explosions,sfx,car pursuits,no strong plot).

    plus : i don't like propaganda for US killers abroad, which Transformers is in a not very subtle way. And Nuke Space Robots hiding from the Father at home ? Come on ....

    There's plenty of "making of" that are more usesul for dslr beginners, than this live toys brand.

  4. MN

    I'm not sure anyone should look to Bay for any kind of movie making insight except, as mentioned here, if you want to see what new production toys he's allowed to employ on his shoots.

    Even then it's easily debatable that he even does a good job with the tool box he's given.

    Still, seeing the production toys are fun. If that's enough for you...

    Myself, when I want to watch robots fight, I turn to Mekagojira.

  5. Austin

    Transformers have been great movies for when you just want to see robots fight and when I heard of all the bonus feature, well lets just say I might have to keep eating ramen these next two weeks.

  6. Serge

    @Emm, Exactly why I placed my order. I too have back ups just of the BTS and makings. Especially all the Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez stuff then re-sell the original disks back on ebay.

  7. Emm

    Post author

    @Madeline - Love it or hate it. It's not about the movie. Did you not catch the '3 hours of Bonus Footage of how the movie was made'? I was hoping people would get that without having me to spell everything out word for word. I can't believe how many people don't see the value in Director cuts and Behind the Scenes of making a film. Especially one as big as this series from a director like Michael Bay. I guess you didn't catch the 'two handled camera rig' being used to shoot most of the action sequences?

    Watching a movie on television doesn't give you the insight on how things were put together, you only find this footage on the actual DVD / Blu Ray discs. Where do you think most of the inspiration comes from on this blog? It's from how things are shot, lighting, techniques, and tools... Hearing it come from the director's own words is the best way to understand the mindset. Tie in all of the CGI and green screen work, and you'll get a better understanding of how you can apply some of the same to your own projects..

    Yes I still buy movies for this same reason, and no I'm not interested in Behind The Scenes and Director Cuts from movies like 'Jersey Girl'. These movies, with such big budgets and advanced new film tools are the ones people could learn from.

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