I admit, i’m not a film school kid, and really just started getting into video with DSLR’s. I have only seen others using Letus equipment mainly for Depth Of Field adapters for their video gear. Now with DSLR’s you would think Letus is losing alot of sales. Turns out, they are still on top of the game by providing a new line of DSLR solutions. Prices obviously are still a bit high for me, but it is Letus after all.

One of the most sexiest pieces of equipment i’ve seen for DSLR’s in a long time, Letus has a new Carbon Fiber view Finder. Love the article write up about the design process behind it. I have a feeling after this post, Zacuto is going to lose some steam on their line of Z-Finders. I mean c’mon, Carbon Fiber?? Who wouldn’t want that? Available for a special pre-order price right now. Check out some of the new stuff they’re coming out with at LetusDSLR.com

carbon fiber View Finder via LetusDSLR.com

NOTE: This is a pre-order item at in introductory price of $385. This will begin shipping in early June on a first come first serve basis. You will be charged at time of purchase which will lock your place in line for delivery.

Carbon Fiber Housing
Non-reflective Internal Housing
2.75x Zoom Factor
+1.5 to -2.5 Adjustable Lens
3 Custom Lenses in 2 Groups
Fully Coated Optics
Anodized Aluminum Lens Housing
Removable Eye Cup
Talon Basic Camera Plate for Mounting
X / Y / Z Mounting Adjustments
1/4 20 Mount Point for Articulating Arms
No Image Distortion or Edge Softness

find-price-button Letus Hawk VF DSLR ViewFinder

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