YouTube member reimaginecinema shares a look at the new 312 LED light (above) and compares it with the popular Z96 (below) [Thanks Jacob]. Obviously putting up a 312 count LED light against 96 LEDs isn’t a fair fight, but it’s a good comparison for those who are looking for which on camera video light to use. The 312 and Z96 are two of my favorite lights to use, and I still happen to be using the older 312 version.

The new version uses magnetic filters (like Z96) and was upgraded with a beefed up housing. Besides LED count, prices are much different, but the 312 allows you to change color temperature which I find important when you change environments (event video). If you can’t afford the 312 Bi-Color changing, you could also look into the 240 Bi-Color LED light (more affordable). You’ll find the new 312 LED video lights on eBay (click here)

312 LED Light Upgrade New version 2
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