So the elusive Kreis90 LED Ring light finally surfaces. I first blogged about it in this article but have never seen it outside of that video. Don’t get too excited, it’s probably nothing special. I don’t know a single person who uses this, nor have I ever seen a video of this in use by anyone (except for the manufacturer video). The Kreis website pretty much sucks and just trying to find prices is a pain.

For an LED Ring light, it seemed easier to just buy the 352 LED Ring light that i’ve been using found here I guess one benefit would be that it’s just smaller, lighter, and cheaper. It can be battery powered, and yes dimmable, but only to about 50%. Effective? Who’s to say. If anyone cares that it really does exist, there’s more information on the auction page.

find-price-button Kreis90 LED Dimmable Ring Light

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