Konova’s New K5 Slider – Bigger

Konova K5 vs K3 Slider Compare

Konova has one of the most popular roller bearing sliders on the market, and has now made available their new K5 slider which is a slightly larger version. The larger bearings and slightly larger carrier answers the call for supporting heavier payloads. Hopefully I should have a video review of this unit up soon, but i'm just getting back from CES Las Vegas. You can find more images comparing the new K5 against the smaller K3 slider over at the new listing (click here).

Konova K5 Bearings vs K3 BearingsKonova K5 bearings vs K3 Carrier bearings
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14 thoughts on “Konova’s New K5 Slider – Bigger

  1. zee

    Hi, who got the K5 smart bundle.... speed of the motor can be vary or its fixed?
    Let me know plz before i am getting this.


  2. Emm

    Post author

    @djpinoy - I don't know if Varavon has released the 'Slidecam S' slider, but I received a version a few weeks ago along with a Varacrane. Solid build, great slider. I'll be showing more about these items soon.

  3. djpinoy

    Thanks Emm - any chance you can give me the approximate weight for the K3 and/or K5 (similar to the spec list that varavon has here: http://www.varavon.com/images/slidecam_s/varavon_s_detail.jpg)? I'd like to compare it to my current igus 1040 (50cm) setup where I only use a single tripod in the center (works great for what I do since I have to stay mobile and travel with it).

    Salamat and keep up the great work! =)

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @djpinoy - The K5 is larger, and if they say it's lighter maybe you're looking at the different lengths? (A 32" K5 would be lighter than a 42" K3.) Both are fairly solid to carry the weight that you need, but it all boils down to the stands you use. Two tripods (one on each end) are going to be more stable than one center one.

  5. djpinoy

    Hey Emm, JP and others:

    I guess I'm resurrecting an old thread here, but I've been using the igus 1040 rail for some time now and I'm finally looking to upgrade to Konova. Only question is which to go with: K3 or K5? The igus rail I'm using is only 50cm, which works great for what I do with it - staying extremely mobile for wedding shoots and travel. Any comments on stability (can both handle a 701HDV + 7D + 24-70 pointed downward?) and travel weight (is the K5 really .5kg heavier than the K3? I thought I read on their site that it's lighter)? I've scoured the web and haven't found any good reviews that compare the two (most mention the change in the # of bearings, but that doesn't give me any real world examples)

    Thanks in advance!

  6. Emm

    Post author

    @Frank - 39" is getting a bit long. I have one at 31" inches and with a good solid tripod it can work, but gets heavy towards the end.

  7. Frank

    Emm does the 100 cm K5 work ok with just one tripod? or are there any operational issues?

  8. disco

    I also got a K5 when I ordered a K3... Got same reply as JP did. Can someone please chime in to tell us if we got a great deal or if we should request the K5 be exchanged for a K3... I think Im gonna keep the K5, just dont want any weird issues with it being the first generation... Thanks!

  9. JP

    I ordered a K3 and received a K5. They told me a new guy sent a a batch of K5s by accident..ha 🙂

    On the other hand i needed something lightweight, not sure if I should be happy or disappointed, I think the k5 is about 0,5KG heavier..

  10. Kaydee

    Well this is kinda weird? I ordered the $60 upgraded legs kit to go with my older Konova slider.....instead they sent me this Konova K5 slider. Hmmm must have been a mixup in the shipping department in Korea or something??

  11. PRoductUV

    I would like to know and see in the video review what your thoughts are on the new K5 Konova slider in comparison to the K3 version. Things like weight, size, portability, smooth rolling, ect .

    Thanks Emm

  12. I just took delivery of this an hour ago and it's great! Compared to the Kessler Pocket Dolly "basic", it seems like such a steal.

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