Konova Motorized Slider Upgrade

YouTube member JennGrover shares a look at the Konova Motorized Slider upgrade kit. [Thanks Jenn] Konova is said to be releasing at least two different motors (speed variations), and different remotes. Others have shared more information about Konova's motorized upgrade kit in the comments of the earlier article here: http://cheesycam.com/konova-motorized-upgrade-kit-now-available/

Konova Upgrade Kit
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52 thoughts on “Konova Motorized Slider Upgrade

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Phil - The rails on the Stage One are quite massive so it should hold up a very very good amount of weight. The initial assembly of the Stage One took a bit of time, but afterwards you only need to undo the belt, and unscrew the rails. Not a difficult task, but you will always require two stands to elevate.

    The Konova can be elevated with one tripod, but does not break down as small as the Stage One. The simple one would be the Konova, the more advanced one for Time Lapse features would be the Stage One.

  2. Phil

    Just discovered this discussion. I need to buy a slider in the next week or so and the Konova K5 and Dynamic Perception ones ( prob Stage One for mobility) are front runners. Reading these posts on my phone (I'll read properly later at home) what I see in a nutshell is that the Konova system wins as an easy to set up package out of the box since the Stage One can be fiddly to set up. But the DP stuff might be smoother. I haven't seen the DP ones yet but hope to soon. I have seen the Konova K5 and the build quality was good but the slow movement on a 264:1 motor was not smooth - it had a kink in it - this was a new motor. It may have been a gearing issue that a slower motor will sort out but I'm concerned. I need a robust and portable system that can do horizontal and vertical moves and work well with time lapse as well as very smooth slow moves for macro And work well at more regular speed moves.

    I guess the K5 can also hold more weight that the Stage One.

    Any advice from users out there would be great.

    Thank you


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