Kamerar Tank Cage, Follow Focus, MatteBox Review

http://Kamerar.com was recently relaunched with an entirely new line of high quality affordable products tailored for DSLR Video shooters. I actually have access to the entire product line because it's being distributed by PhotographyandCinema.com (which I design some products for), but I try to only answer comments about the products instead of doing my own reviews.

So here, Rick Owens shares his first impressions after receiving a few products [Thanks Rick]. I was waiting to see how others review the http://Kamerar.com products, and i'm happy to hear how impressed Rick was with the combination of build quality and price.

The Tank Cage uses P&C Swiss Rod designs to provide a ridiculous amount of mounting options (overkill). The MatteBox is great for a single ND filter use (non-rotational), and the Follow Focus can swap positions of the gear in case you plan to use a longer or shorter lens. With the exception of the Matte Box (for weight reasons), all materials, including the little clamp knobs are of metal construction with anodized coating. You can find these products and more over at http://Kamerar.com

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55 thoughts on “Kamerar Tank Cage, Follow Focus, MatteBox Review

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Allen - I don't think that's would be a good modification. The Tank cage is not similar to the Wooden cage and is used quite differently. Something link this may have been a better start for a half cage (found here).

  2. Allen

    Thanks for posting this. I just received my Tank and I'm setting it up. I'd love to get your advice... I'm using a 5DM3

    1st - I'm looking for something that would attach from the hot shoe on top of the camera to the top of cage. I'll probably end up making something, but I wondered if you guys had come across something that would fit.

    2nd - Any thoughts on the use of a quick-release plate inside? Mine fits ok, but it's a little cumbersome to get in and out. Might not be worth it.

    3rd - Is anyone else having trouble accessing the ports on the left side, particularly for a monitor output?

    4th - This may sound crazy, but I'm trying to make myself a poor-man's version of the wooden camera cage. I took the two cheesesticks out of the right side (my hand wouldn't fit in there to operate the camera anyway), and I'm thinking of cutting the right side off the bottom and possibly the top. With the camera mounted directly to the cage (without a quick-release) my right hand isn't able to grab the camera comfortably. I'm starting to think I have fat hands. If I could mount the hot shoe to the top of the cage, I think I might cut the right sides off. Anybody have any screaming red flags to that idea?

    Thanks for the insight

  3. Walski

    Quick question - which quick release plate in the Camera Cage is best to quickly remove & attach the body inside? I have the Manfrotto 3433 PL 577 quick release plate, but the tightening screw hits the bottom of the cage and I end up manually removing the whole quick release to remove the camera - which defeats the purpose of the quick release plate function… Can anyone help me in finding the best one?

  4. MAGEtv

    ...got my mattebox max kit with the donut
    works a treat...only issue i have is that when i have my carryspeed VF3 plate on the camera, the camera is not centered to the mattebox...I wish it had lateral adjustment to go along with the excellent vertical adjustment...

    are there any suggestions on how to work with it aside from removing the VF3? I really like the functionality of all the bits together...plus the LOOK is super DUPER badass...

  5. Juan

    As is called the accessory that fits between the matte box and lens?

    Because light can come back. Am I correct?

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