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First of all I wanted to thank all the readers that come to this blog, provide feedback, and comment on some of my really Cheesy DIY ideas. So many people have picked up on the things I make, link back to my blog, and even take the time to create videos about their own DIY adventures. It's been an exciting week having been featured on the News section of, one of the largest DSLR video forums. Now just yesterday I was Podcasted by Dave Dugdale over at I'm a pretty boring guy on audio, but Dave grabbed me for some really good questions about the projects I've been sharing with the DSLR community. I even mentioned a little secret information about the next version DIY Skater - 'Spider Trax Dolly' i've been drawing out (get your wheels turning). Check out my Podcast with Dave at, and stick around his website to view more Podcasts and some very informative Video tutorials.

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