Gini Rigs moves into RED Territory – Scarlet Cage

Red Scarlet

At NAB2012 this year, I saw a few manufacturers making designs for the RED Scarlet. I guess this camera ended up being fairly popular for it's price point. In an interesting new twist, Gini Rigs has decided to make a custom video cage bracket for the RED Scarlet. I'm not a RED user myself, but maybe some of you can tell wether it looks like an original design or inspired by another? Products include a complete cage, or Top and Bottom plate sold separately. Find it at the ebay store (click here).

Red Scarlet Gini Rig CageGini Rigs Red Scarlet Video Cage
find-price-button Gini Rigs RED Scarlet Cage Top Plate Bottom Plate


6 thoughts on “Gini Rigs moves into RED Territory – Scarlet Cage

  1. John

    I don't have an attitude. Our kit was shipped a full 9 months prior to RED. Check any early picture of an EPIC-M and you will see our plates and sidearms not RED

  2. Tom

    John, that's a good way to ensure we all avoid buying your stuff. Attitudes at the door ALWAYS when posting in public. PLUS, didn't you copy reds Tactical cage? hmmmm

  3. Paul,

    You might want to check your facts. The Wooden Cage is a copy of ours View Factor. We started shipping our cage long before the Epic was even available to the public. So in fact the Gini Rig is a copy of ours. There are no less than 5 cop cats out there.

  4. The top plate and bottom plate are very similar to, Red Viewfactor, and Wooden Camera. However, it's not exactly the same all around.

    The sidearms are also similar, but again designed diferently and they actually end up having more mounting points than any of the other companies. I'd say the differences are all plenty enough for them to be Gini's own design. Especially since there are already 3 other companies making similarly designed items.

  5. billyboy14

    Looks an awful lot like the original RED produced cage

    Funny that he priced it at the same price point for the BIN. Except for the fact that Gini version has a base plate, If you were going by the BIN price, the RED one looks like it has far more mounting points. Of course we all know that you can buy Gini stuff at auction prices far below the BIN 😉

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