GH4 Sony A7s BMPCC DIY 3-Axis Gimbal Frame Kit for Small Cameras

I'm a fan of working with many of the smaller camera systems like the GH4, Sony A7s, BMPCC, and also a fan of 3 Axis Gimbal Stabilizers. Yet when it came to an ultra portable one that offered tool-less adjustments and a full range of pan and tilt, there had been a gap with current products on the market.

Some of you may know that I had been making my own mini custom gimbals out of random parts found online. The small systems make it easier for me to travel and operate handheld for a long long period time without fatigue. As others seemed to be interested in the build, I decided to work with a few friends to make a frame kit available for others to build as well.

This kit which has been a work in progress has been designed to allow small cameras full range of motion, easy to balance, incorporates a camera QR system, and easy assembly disassembly. The frame kit is finally available and here's the latest update video.

Note: The frame has been revised with new motor housings and additional bearings that allow for better support and stability, but here are a few other (older) videos showing some of the features of the mini gimbal.

The 'Tiyaga' is a kit that requires assembly and a few additional parts to finish the build, but what you end up with is an affordable 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer for small cameras around 2.5lbs. There is a discount price for Early-Birds, and only a limited amount of kits will be made. You can find additional information over at the website

tiyaga minigimbal frame kitminigimbal
find-price-button MiniGimbal 'Tiyaga' 3-Axis DIY Gimbal Frame Kit for Small Cameras


60 thoughts on “GH4 Sony A7s BMPCC DIY 3-Axis Gimbal Frame Kit for Small Cameras

  1. Paul Abrahams

    Pre-ordered and have all parts on order... would I be able to replace the Lipo with a Lion power solution? Would make for easier travel with other gear. Don't like to have too many different charging systems. Most of my gear can charge/run off my Ankers (12v/5v). Cell phone, Cameras, Leds, Laptops, Tablets, Flanders (yes my 17" flanders will run for a couple hours off the Anker). Now I have a Phantom (my first experience with Lipo's) and now the Gimbal yet another Lipo and another different charger... Hmmmmm.

  2. Jorge

    Hey Emm,
    Can you recommend a balancing stand? I've seen your DYI Gimbal stand and am considering it but I'd prefer something more professional-looking since most I will be using it in from of clients.

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @Zak Forsman - Whoa, I believe the units are now out of stock. You would have to check with them to see if there's anything they can do.

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