GH3 with Carry Speed VF-3 LCD View Finder

If you think your GH3 camera needs and LCD View Finder, here's how Scott Pendleton modified the Carry Speed VF-3 LCD View Finder to fit [Thanks Scott]. Typically the GH3 body is too short, so you'll need to have the GH3 Battery Grip to start.

GH3 Carry Speed VF3VF-3 GH3

The next problem is that the GH3 battery grip relocates the tripod mount to the right (not centered). This causes a problem for the VF-3 not being able to shift far enough to the left to line up properly. Scott then grinded the alignment plate and drilled a new hole that will allow the Loupe to align properly. You can figure it out from the images below but keep in mind this will definitely void any product warranty.

GH3 LCD View FinderModded VF-3 Carry Speed

Carry Speed VF-3 LCD View Finder GH3P1170485

Click any of the images (above) for a larger view. You can find the Carry Speed VF-3 LCD View finder at the website (here).

Carry Speed Swivi LCD View Finder
find-price-button Carry Speed VF-3 DSLR LCD View Finder with Quick Release

And if you're wondering what Eye Cushion Scott is using on the Carry Speed VF-3, it is specifically the Blue Star Oval Long (not oval large) found via B&H below
Blue Star Oval Long View Finder Eye Cushion
find-price-button Blue Star Eye Cushion Oval Long for Carry Speed VF-3


22 thoughts on “GH3 with Carry Speed VF-3 LCD View Finder

  1. Once again yours has the Carryspeed decals on the side that are NEVER on the ones sold. I've asked them countless times to send me some but no! What is their issue?

  2. Emm,

    Any further info on the Carry Speed mod for the GH3? Is it really viable or a PITA? I returned one to them after trying in on my GH3, but that was before the article. I see tha Flashpoint is selling the same Swivi unit on Ebay a little cheaper. Any experience with them or comments?


    John Frey

  3. John Teller

    Okay, well that's annoying. I purchased the VF3 because @emm said it'd fit on the gh3 on another post. But clearly he hadn't tested it.

  4. AdRath

    I was talking without the grip. Camera body with QR system will get the body high enough to work with this VF-3. Wonder what minimum hight is required to fit the VF?

  5. Emm

    Post author

    @AdRath - That might work very well, but it will not work directly with the Battery Grip because the tripod hole for the grip has been offset from the center. Not a great design.

  6. AdRath

    From the looks of it a single QR plate between eyepiece and camera should put it up enough for the GH3. Has anyone tried that? I have seen the double QR plate for the GH2.

  7. Cyrille

    @Scott I usually buy my cushions to a French store recommended by blue star. As they didn't get anymore large one's, i found a seller from ebay. This seller is from US and the shippement cost 6,56 USD. It's not so expensive and it might be a simple envelope. I will tell you how it fits !

  8. Scott

    @Cyrille, I have not tried the Oval LARGE version so I cannot say whether it will work nicely with the VF-3. The rubber eyepiece on the VF-3 is definitely oval shaped so I would think the oval Blue Star cushion would be best but perhaps when you get your LARGE version you could let us know here whether it works well or not.
    Note: the cushion ships very flat and small. It would fit in a C5 mailing envelope (A4 folded in half). I wonder what the shipping from the US to France would be for a flat envelope?

  9. Cyrille

    @Scott, Hi! Look what's happen if i order it from B&H to France :

    SubTotal: $6.95
    Duties & Tax : $47.19
    Shipping: $43.35
    Order Total: $97.49

    I ordered last week the large one from an ebay seller(thinking it was similar to zacuto's viewfinder)
    hopefully it wasn't the same price ! I'll buy the long one if i find a good deal with shipping charges ! Did you try the large one? As you said "it is infinitely more comfortable" and hard to "view" without it when you are used to!

  10. Henry

    I hear a new Carry Speed Viewfinder will be released shortly. Supposedly, it will be compatible with the GH3 sans battery grip.

  11. andario

    This is OK, but the need for the battery grip is not, to me.

    Anybody knows what happened to the new loupe made especifically for the GH3 the Manfrotto guys announced months ago?

    Maybe Iยดm wrong, but it seems like a dead project...

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