F&V Metica 7″ HDMI+SDI Plus and SpectraHD 4 EVF

Snapped this photo earlier today. A couple of awesome new monitor products from F&V shipped over and I can't wait to start shooting with.

I saw these Metica and SpectraHD EVF Monitor products earlier at the NAB show. The all metal casing just feels incredibly high quality, but still extremely lightweight. The Metica 7" Monitor is available in a few different models starting at just $399 (found here).

Some of the software features you'll find in each monitor are Software Features Include: Histogram, Vectorscope, False Color, Zebra Pattern, Focus Peaking, Frame Guides & Safety Area, Overscan & Pixel to Pixel, DSLR Scale, H/V Image Flip, Image Freeze, Image Zoom, Audio Columns, Timecode, and more! Here's a quick video overview from the F&V Website.

fvlight meticametica monitor review
find-price-button Metica 7" High Resolution Monitors HDMI+SDI

The SpectraHD 4 is a small 4" high res monitor that can convert signals and is available with a Loupe attachment making it a true EVF solution.
fvlight spectra loupe evf 4 inch monitorspectrahd 4 evf monitor fvlightspectra HD 4 spectrahd
find-price-button SpectraHD 4 Monitor EVF


13 thoughts on “F&V Metica 7″ HDMI+SDI Plus and SpectraHD 4 EVF

  1. @Tery Wilson - These products can accept SDI inputs, and the BM outputs via SDI. So no converter needed. Just make sure you set your SDI output to 1080 so that these products can see the feed.

  2. Eddie

    @Emm - Yeah, I really like how it looks and the cool folding shade thing. The buttons look nice as well. I'll shoot them an email. Thanks for the fast replies!


  3. Emm

    Post author

    @Eddie - What? It's not built to be thrown around like a SmallHD but it doesn't feel like you can break it by handling it. It's actually fairly heavy for it's size. I think it's great for the price, looks good, and the built in folding shade also protects screen when you throw it in the bag. Talk to Camera Motion Research and see if they have a return policy if you don't like it, but I am sure you will for that price.

  4. Eddie

    @Emm - Thanks! I was actually looking at the MustHD 5", but one reviewer on YouTube pointed out how plasticky and kind of fragile it was..any opinion? And for the price of the MustHD 5" there's also the Lilliput 7"..

  5. Eddie

    @Emm - I would of course prefer 7", but I'm sure I can do with 5" as well. As long as the feed from my camera fills the entire monitor screen, then I'm satisfied feature wise. It would also be nice if the build quality was decent, but I feel like I'm pushing my luck lol. Thanks.

  6. Emm

    Post author

    @Eddie - Is there any particular features you really care about in a monitor? Or are you just looking for something very simple to frame a shot? Is there a size you're looking for big or small?

  7. Eddie

    Hi Emm! I was just wondering if you, or anybody else for that matter, could recommend me a monitor if all I can spare is 215 bucks? Lol a poor budget I know, but hey.. Thanks!

  8. Dan

    I have an SLR Magic 1.33:1 anamorphic adapter on the way so I can shoot 2.35:1 on my GH4. Supposedly my SmallHD DP4 can change its aspect ratio so it can display the video unsqueezed so circles will display as circles, not vertical ovals.

    But a larger 7" monitor is very nice.

    Emm, when you get your hands on one of these (especially the SDI model) can you check to see if it can adjust aspect to unsqueeze anamorphic recordings?


  9. $599 isn't a bad price especially if your trying to find a decent 3G SDI monitor at this price. The bad part is that you can't run sdi in and hdmi out to a monitor like say for a client. I was all ready to jump the gun until I found out it did not have that feature. The EVF for what your getting and again EVF monitor with 3G sdi at this price is unheard of, but still a little up there in price at least for my budget this month, but I'm hoping around December they'll have a special on Adaroma;-)

  10. OldCorpse

    Very disappointing. No waveform? No sale. That's just so fundamental, I won't use any monitor that doesn't allow waveform monitoring. For that kind of money, I think they seriously blew it not including such an essential function. I'm a fan of F&V, but this is FAIL.

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