Fotga DP500 Matte Box Sunshade

Fotga DP500 MatteBox DSLR Video

Chris writes in shares Fotga's latest MatteBox. Just over $220 dollars, it offers the usual dual rotating filter trays, three flags, and mounts to standard 15mm rods. Instead of the massive bracket on one side, the Fotga uses a very low profile swing away that sits just above the rod clamp for faster lens changes.

Fotga DP500 Matte Box Review

In the specs it claims to have +/- 10mm of height adjustments, but I don't see how that could be done. There's some additional photos at the eBay product page (Click Here).

Screen Shot 2012-06-23 at 8.00.56 AM
find-price-button Fotga DP500 DSLR Video Camera Matte Box


26 thoughts on “Fotga DP500 Matte Box Sunshade

  1. Ditto on Joseph's comment. I purchased the FOTGA follow focus and am amazed at the build quality. Actually far better than I even expected. A couple of my friends have purchased as well.

  2. Chrys

    Ok, just had an answer from the seller and now I understand... They don't have any in stock. Instead of telling me that, they told me it was defective and had to be returned... So I will order this matte box somewhere else...

  3. Chrys

    I did order one on ebay from the seller "neewer" and after many days, they refounded me because "the product was damaged in transport". When I asked when they gonna be able to send another one, they told me "the listing price may be raised for 100 usd/gbp/cad/aud to avoid more transactions before we get replacement from supplier.We will cancel all the listings if cannot get the replacements in a reasonable time.". What does that mean? Then I asked how to know when its available again since 1000+ availbale items are still displayed on their ebay page at the same price ... They then replyed "We will storage when the price is normal.". Someone understands something?? I think they dont have any available yet OR they made a n error on the price... Anyone has a similar experience?

  4. Willard

    Hi Chris, thinking of getting one of these, did your's arrive and what was the news on rotating filter holders? Cheers, W

  5. Giulio

    @chris : Any update on the fotga matte box? mainly about the built quality, the swing mechanism and filter trays (rotating?do they hold 4mm thick filters?)

  6. Emm

    Post author

    @Karl - Not sure what you're talking about, because it does indeed 'have a swing away' and this is not a Gear Review. It's basically a press release. Now that you have one, why not give us a review.

  7. Karl

    I think that if someone wants to post information about gear, perhaps instead of speculating whether the item has features, what works, or whatever, that they simply put their hands on one first. This Fotga *appears* to have a swing away arm at the base of the rod support, so it opens down. But the only way to know is to have one.

    I ordered one of the other matte boxes which people here raved about, but the filter trays don't hold filters properly. Please, do us a favor and do your homework before you post erroneous or incomplete information.

  8. @Chris Will you please try a 4x4 filter in both trays and see if they are secure and rotate properly? Thanks! I just saw a review of the ePhoto version of this on Olivia Tech and the filter trays don't hold the filters in place. Also, this is available on Amazon. If the trays work I'm going to get it along with two linear polarizers. Thanks Emm for a great site!

  9. Eyan

    @ Chris - Did you get the matte BOx yet?/ - I'm interested to know if the filter holders ARE rotatable?? - Would love to know more about this unit. Hard to find any comment or opinions on the actual product.


  10. darren levine

    curious as to overall size of this, i've been in the market for one and the RJ/redrock knockoff is great, i've used it, but just too big and clunky for my needs

  11. Chris

    @Heath not a bad idea to compile the differences.

    I sent two different sellers on eBay a message regarding this Fotga Matte box and they both replied that there is indeed height adjustment and that both filters rotate. Its difficult to know for sure by the pics so I ordered one. I'll keep those of you who are interested in the loop and report back in a few weeks when it arrives.

  12. Heath

    There are so many matte boxes out right now and it seems like each one has a different drawback. I was thinking of creating an excel doc with each type and have a list of specs like price, widest lens usable, filter sizes and thicknesses, and price. I've been too busy to put it together so if anyone else has the time and interest I think it would help us all make a decision on what to purchase.

  13. IGUS has a new carriage with small wheels inside, makes it move very smoothly, almost like bearings.
    Part number for the bearing part is WJRM-04-16.

  14. Emm

    Post author

    @Apostolos - I do check all the articles and all the comments. The IGUS is smooth until you have unbalanced weight on it, then it could bind slightly while going down the track. If you can keep your weight centered, then it's fine. WIth the roller bearing types, they still roll very smoothly even when the weight is not completely centered. I seem to like the Cinevate, Konova, and Varavon sliders. Varavon has a new Slidecam S that I will show next week.

  15. Nick

    I'm looking for a mattebox (or standalone filter holder) that can be mounted via screw instead of rod system (I am trying to find one that I can use with my Velbon SPT-1). Has anyone seen anything like this?

  16. Hey Emm:

    I have an unrelated question. I'm posting it here because I don't know if you check the old posts. I just got an Igus-based slider. I'm currently on my fourth slider. I've gotten a couple of Juicedlink kits and another brand, all of which use dual metal rods. I found that this Igus based slider (it's 2-fooger, with the smallest rail) is by far the smoothest slider I've ever used. Would you agree with that or not? Are there any disadvantages to this type of slider that I haven't seen yet?

  17. Aries

    If at least one filter holder doesn't rotate, then it's loses half of the point of a matte box.

    I suppose you could use an ND filter on your lens but it really should rotate.

  18. If the build quality is as good as the rest of the system, it should be built like a tank. I have the quick release system, and the second generation follow focus, and I'm very happy with them. Solid construction, smooth operation.

  19. psyrex

    Looking at the pictures, they don't like rotating filters, much less dual rotating. It also doesn't say rotating on the ebay link.

  20. KC Gonzalez

    I'm really digging this. Looks cleaner than the Flashpoint/RJ swing away, and it's a bit cheaper. I wonder how the build quality is on this.

  21. PaweĊ‚ Czerski

    Top flag seems to be so narrow that id doesn't even hover the space between side flags...

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