Flycam Carbon Stabilizers CF3 and CF5

Flycam Carbon CF3 StabilizerFlycam CF5 carbon fiber stabilizer

Just a few months ago Flycam introduced a Carbon Fiber stabilizer called the C5. (here). To confuse the market even more, they've recently released another set of Flycam Carbon Fiber stabilizers called the CF3 and CF5. Although these look much better than the original C5, I still can't get over the ugly counterweights and painted blue accents. I personally would rather just have plain metal washers in place of those plastic tubs.

The CF5 is a larger and longer stabilizer for heavier cameras, and the CF3 is the smaller version at a max height of 25". These new carbon fiber stabilizers use a quick release lock to adjust the telescoping post up or down (better than original Nano), comes with it's own quick release plate, foam padded Carry Bag, and comes in cheaper than the original C5 Carbon.

Flycam Carbon Stabilizerflycam carbon fiber cf3 cf5flycam carbon fiber stabilizer cf3 cf5
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25 thoughts on “Flycam Carbon Stabilizers CF3 and CF5

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @VEE - That is not the same as mine. Mine was a 'Flycam Nano' that is a 'Flycam DSLR Nano'. That one is larger.

  2. VEE

    @Emm thanks you for getting back to me with a quick response! but part of the question is , if the blue nano is the same as the red label nano that i see in your video!reason i ask is becasue ebay has a great deal on the blue ones that comes with case and arm brace and also a quick release plate...! they should be the same right ? correct me if im wrong and its also cheaper on ebay prior to Amazon! just double checking before i make the purchase through your link =)

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @VEE - Adding more weight will make any stabilizer more stable. I think it should be able to handle it, but if not you can always fly without it.

  4. VEE

    hey Emm , im shopping around for a Flycam nano! is there a different between the blue colored(nano) one and the red one that i always see here on your reviews ? the price seem to be the same! im just double checking before i make the purchase! my set up is 600D and tokina 11-16 and another question would be ! is it capable of balancing the set up with a battery pack? thanks in advance! hopefull you can get back to me on this old thread!always thanks for for your helpful reviews by the way!

  5. Jem

    I just ordered the CF3 a few days ago and it arrived today. I put it on a light stand to balance it and from what I've been experiencing, this is one of the easiest flycams to balance.

    I put on a 5DM2 with a 16-35mm f2.8 on the CF3, full extension on the FC legs with 2 white weight blocks on each side inside the blue holder, and it was quite easy to balance, took just 5 minutes. Then I put on a 60d with a 18-55mm, legs fully extended, with 1 white weight block inside the blue holder on each side, again it was quite easy to balance. So not bad.

    As a glidecam 2000 owner, the flycam CF3 is not as stable when during shot making. But by not much at all, 10% worst on the average at most and depending on the operator too. I love my glidecam 2000, but for less than half the price, it's definitely a bang for the buck and not too shabby to say the least.

  6. @emm - thanks mate i understand. I got feedback from an ebay buyer saying that his friend bought the CF and couldn't balance it properly. The only thing that worked was a light cam and light prime. So might stick with the original flycam nano or 3000

  7. Emm

    Post author

    @des - I am able to get enough results with just the Nano. For anything larger, I went with the Glidecam HD models. I haven't really heard any buzz about the 3000, maybe it's not so good?

  8. des

    @emm - would you rather carbon fibre or flycam nano 3000 or flycam DSLR? I just realized there was the 3000 version. Thanks for your previous response. Cheers

  9. Emm

    Post author

    @des - Yes it allows for adjustment on the top stage, but it is not the same fine tuning style as in Glidecam models. On the Flycam you will loosen the knobs and then shift the plate around while it's loose. The Glidecam moves the plate slowly as you turn the knobs giving you more fine tuning abilities.

  10. @Emm - having a look at the Flycam DSLR and CF version on ebay, design wise looks exactly the same. Probably only change is the material. Are those knobs on the plate for right and left adjustments?

    the glidecam HD2000 is 2.5 times the price at this stage which isn't really my budget.

  11. Emm

    Post author

    @des - If you want to fly your 24-70mm, you might need to look into the Flycam DSLR. If you want to the fine tuning knobs, go with the Glidecam HD2000. I haven't tried the Carbon stuff yet, but it looks like it has more options to balance than just the plain little Nano.

  12. @Emm - I've got a canon 5D MKII with 24-70mm 2.8 and 50 1.8 which the lens probably not ideal for flying as I've read on your website.

    What's an ideal model to fly with any of these combo for the time being? the original Flycam Nano, Flycam DSLR or one of these newer CF versions?

    These new CF vesions don't have side tuning knobs like the glidecam right?

  13. Gene

    Hi Em, I have a general steadycam question that applies to all steadycams.

    I have a Glidecam 2000. The max weight is 6lbs. I'm going to get a Sony FS 700 when it comes out. I've estimated the weight of my Sony FS 700 with lens, lcd, etc.... to be around 7 lbs, about 1 lbs over the 6 lbs limit.

    Do you think I can get away with using the Glidecam 2000 (and steadycams in general) at 1 lbs over the suggested weight limit? I can extend the base if needed.

    Basically, even if it's over the suggested weight limit by X- amount, as long as you can balance the steadycam, it will work properly. Is that a correct assumption?

  14. Tomy

    I'm pretty sure the stuff they sell as indian is originating from China.

    Why I'm sure? Can't tell my sources, but the electronic things they are offering are made in China. Also if you look close, there are some chinese manufacturers that have steadycams and those look very similar to the flycam 3000 and 5000 designwise.

  15. Emm

    Post author

    @Carlos - The smallest Nano works fine, but if you were looking at the carbon fiber version, the C3 looks like it will work.

  16. I have the first generation FlyCam nano and I think it's great. I just wish there were fine tuning knobs, and it would be perfect!

    I just received my Canon 17-55mm 2.8 and I'm going to try to fly a T3i w/ battery grip and the lens mentioned above at 17mm. I hope it isn't too heavy!

  17. imgpro615

    @Archie, i must say that ProAim is pretty good gear...not perfect but it is great price and durable especially for starting holds up to some abuse and looks the part of professionalism... they were low cost champions for a long time but lately they are acting like the "big boys" and alienating their core fanbase of "have-nots"...that said, i still get bits and pieces from them and the products i purchased i still use.

    Now about the new C3 and C5...i was very interested in the original c5 because of the microadjustable topstage but these new ones without it are no better than the regular flycams...and i agree that the blue accents are a turnoff but i have learned to like the weight tubs...

    Because the original C5 is more than i wanna pay, i have gone back to using my Steadicam JR and with the 60D and the 550D, it works very well...on the fence with the opteka steadyvid pro but still got my eye on an "OG" C5

  18. Being an Indian in India. I hate that they have these demo photos with Indian people but when I called/emailed they didn't entertain and I tried to track address of ProAim, Cine City etc etc (all look the same) and none of the listed addresses existed. Off topic I guess, but I wonder if these brands are reliable.

  19. MJ

    Doesnt seem to have the fine tuning capabilities that the c5 has, which is the main reason i was thinking of getting one.

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