FilmCity $95 Composite DSLR Rig

FilmCity is now offering a budget composite mostly plastic 15mm DSLR Video rig and YouTube member Nitsan has an early look at what this budget stabilizer offers.

The price of the shoulder rig is inexpensive due to the plastic design and carbon fiber rods (or what looks like carbon fiber). Some packages include aluminum rods instead. The FC-10 can be purchased with or without the rear Counterweight, starts at only $95 dollars via the eBay store (Click Here).

find-price-button FilmCity FC-10 Plastic Composite Shoulder Rig with/without CounterWeight


10 thoughts on “FilmCity $95 Composite DSLR Rig

  1. Dan

    I have just learned to avoid Indian gear.
    Three out of four pieces of kit over the last half decade from there has turned out to be lightweight plastic copies of other peoples designs.

    They even use shiny metallic plastic so that you think you are getting metal. The cheapest Chinese ripoffs are better build quality.

    India manufacturing seems to be about cheap plastic copies I move on the moment I realize where a piece of kit is originating there.

  2. marcus west

    looked at the ebay site seen they have no returns why by something like this junk its one step above PVC DIY one save your money dont buy this junk

  3. Video Frank

    Don't waste your money.
    I got the FC 50 in the other day. There are so many issues with that rig that it is unusable. First, the cage is too narrow on one side for a gh2. Second, the quick release is made of plastic (like on the FC10)and is a pain to slide in because it twists. As it twists it gets caught in one of the holes and you have to force it out. (Try that with a camera attached!). Three, the handles are mounted on the rod. To secure the handles, you must twist them. Even when twisted in to the max, the handles still pivot. Four, the top of the shoulder pad has four butterfly type nuts. These can only be tighten down so far down since they hit the slider. Five, one of the nut that secures the quick release is not accessible since it is right under the two little bubble levels .
    When put together I found this unit to be quite flimsy overall. I'm returning mine.

  4. Nate Jones

    At first glance this rig really intrigued me. I really thought about purchasing it but I looked into it more. I found multiple listings on ebay for people selling it because it had broken and they were looking for another, better rig. The price also looks good at $95 USD, but since film city is located in India, there is always the additional $25 international shipping fee. I haven't bought one so I can't say how great of quality this rig is. I don't know if it is actually carbon fiber or not. If you want some actual carbon fiber rods you can cut to whatever length you want check out carbon fiber products (stumbled across this site thanks to cheesycam while looking at johan rig options). You can get a 4 foot rod for $45. The only downside is the rods are .5 inches, where 15mm rods equals .59 inches. Just thought I'd share for anyone who is interested.

  5. Yeah, its CPMCameraRigs now. Looks like they copied several of our designs. But they have a history of cheap rip offs like this, with Redrock and others as well. We are already getting calls from people that purchased these and are having issues with them. Thats the problem with a company like this they have no R&D, they just copy designs and guess at the materials.

  6. Mark

    Let's face reality here folks. How much innovation and creativity does it take to make rods and clamps? The rip-off is charging $25 for a single rod or clamp.

    My only concerns are about import duties and how to handle stuff that's defective/damaged on receipt.

  7. I ordered the "cage" Filmcity is selling right now and I would advise everyone to avoid it. I didn't read the description properly and thought it would be all metal. Unfortunately it's made of all lightweight and flimsy plastic. Even the handle (which was the main reason why I bought it) is in a plastic fitting, which means that'll probably break off as soon as you try to use it on a rig.
    Lesson well-learned ...

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