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We've all used various sticks and poles to boom audio [guilty]. If it ain't broken then why fix it right? For those of you who will eventually step up their game and move to some fancier equipment, I was sent this Falcon Carbon Fiber Audio Boom Pole [Thanks Jackson]. I don't have a lot to compare it with in the studio, but it's definitely everything it sets out to be. Super lightweight, sturdy Carbon Fiber, with a standard 5/8th" Microphone Threaded tip. The Falcon Boom pole does not offer an XLR cable run through, but it's hollow to support XLR cable runs with a removable capped end. It's possible to add one, which I will attempt to do this week.


Besides being lightweight, Carbon Fiber serves to absorb more micro vibrations than standard aluminum poles (same reason expensive road bikes will use Carbon forks) so less noise will be transmitted to the microphone. The Carbon on the Falcon looks high quality, and there's very little sagging even when fully extended. Considering other Boom Poles on the market, the Falcon Carbon is at the right price and even a bit cheaper than other popular booms. The Falcon Carbon Fiber Boom poles are available in 9' and 12' lengths, and can be found on the Lux-Cinema eBay store (Click Here)

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14 thoughts on “Falcon Carbon Fiber Audio Boom Pole

  1. I've used this pole for over a year and a half and I will vouch that it's awesome! I personally like it better than K-tek poles. It's lighter by half. I'm planning on adding an internal coil to it and was curious if anyone else had done so successfully and if so what advice would you give? Btw, this thread has been open for over a year and this brand has since stoped manufacturing it. It sucks cause these poles are great!


    Rob, I did not see this sooner unfortunately because I don't have time to read all the comments on this blog. I believe you may have us mixed up with a different company. We try to respond to all of our emails within 2 days and we are largely successful with this. We have NEVER and I mean NEVER not responded or communicated with a customer for a month let alone a week. We are, in fact, known for our good customer service. We have 100% feedback on ebay. Not a single dissatisfied customer. We are willing to fix any problem a customer may be concerned about. If it was indeed our product you bought, please message us and let us know what the issue was if it is still a problem.



  3. Rob S.

    One thing I noticed about this company is that their customer service can use some work. It took them a month to answer one ebay question and they still haven't responded to an issue that I'm having with my pole after I bought it a couple months ago. It's only a cosmetic issue but you'd think a new company would be a bit more prompt.

  4. Mark

    Oh and looks like the price from the Indian company is $190 plus $40 shipping... all for an extra XLR that probably costs them like 50cents to make. No thanks.

  5. Mark

    Just one problem, that cable isn't removable so you are stuck with a CHEAP a$$ indian cable. You DON'T want to use cheap xlr companies. Everything I have ever bought from that Indian company was subpar in quality and ended up breaking. The follow focus, the flycam, they all come loose and have serious issues (for me at least) down the road. You don't want to skimp on XLR cable or the best mic in the world will sound horrible. Also, since it's in their permanently, you can't use a coiled xlr cable internally so you still have to deal with a lot of loose cable coming out the end.

  6. Rob S.

    I've been looking at this for a while and considering it. I've never had a boom with the cable routed inside. How do you handle the noise of cable slap when you're swinging the boom?

  7. Joel

    Quote from their ebay listing ...

    "But paint poles suck!"

    Uhhh, no they don't.

    Emm - In any event, does your version have gold FALCON lettering? I thought they were gong to change that so it wasnt quite so gaudy.

  8. Emm

    Post author

    @Herb - It's nicely made for sure. I haven't taken it out yet, as I plan to run an XLR cable through it first. Waiting on the parts as you need to run the cable first, and then solder the ends.

  9. Herb

    Hey Emm,

    I've been looking at this boom for a while. Your post forced me to buy it.

    I didn't want to miss it because of the Cheesycam / Emm effect.

    I'll let you know.

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