Edelkrone’s longer SliderPLUSXL compact Video Slider


Now that Edelkrone's SliderPLUS has been available for some time, what's the general consensus for those who have it in their hands? Worth every penny? Most reactions about the announcement of the SliderPLUS were very positive around the new innovative slider, but the short length had some people second guessing. Now that there is a longer SliderPLUSXL Version that adds about 1 feet of extra motion, is this enough to change a few minds? Love to hear the comments.

Edelkrone Slider PlusXL
Edelkrone SliderPLUS and SliderPLUSXL


7 thoughts on “Edelkrone’s longer SliderPLUSXL compact Video Slider

  1. Titus

    I just received my SliderPLUSXL in the mail last week. I tested it just the other day along with a new jib. Here's the test video if your interested.

    I am very pleased with the results, and feel that the added length is very helpful. The only thing is, that you need a tripod which can spread to a wide stance or maybe just make sure it's weighted down properly to avoid tipping issues on the far ends of the slider.

  2. I have the slider plus. I'm currently at an artist residency in Iceland for the month shooting video and drawing illustrations. Packing light with only very portable gear was a must and I did not want to pack my Kessler pocket dolly since it weighs a lot. The edelkrone slider came out just in time for me to get it before I left.
    I'm not sure if I'll have the time to do a video review but I'll try because I think it would be very helpful for those debating the purchase. Overall, I like the portability and once you get used to using it it feels stable and not totally off balance when the slider and the camera are way off to one side, which was one of my fears. A longer slider will probably need a heavier tripod which would kind of defeat the portability of this slider compared to lighter, cheaper sliders.
    One kind of big problem that I have is the looseness of the large rollers that keep the stage attached to the rods. I'm not talking about the small bearings that the stage actually rolls on. There is a video by Edelkrone on how to tighten those. Even with everything tightened the stage is very shaky and disconnected. Under normal conditions this does not effect the smoothness of the slide at all which is normally very smooth but with a little wind, the camera will shake even when the slider is locked. Being in Iceland, where the wind is intense, I've found that half the days I can't use this slider at all. I also like to walk with the slider and camera attached to the tripod which this seems suited for but that same shakiness makes it feel less secure than I like. Maybe edelkrone will have a solution for this because otherwise, I am really loving it.

  3. Sandman

    Yeah, a video in action would be interesting. The design idea is great, but at this length it must be prone to tilting when fully extended to one end, unless you use some mega tripod (or maybe two?).

  4. editwizard

    You're paying for the ability to be compact. I'm seriously considering one so we be more mobile. Many times we'll just leave the slider behind but if it could fit inside an existing tripod bag (in another padded case) it would just add a little extra weight for a ton more versatility.

  5. Steve M,

    I like to see a video of someone actually using this slider and see how this differs from the others. Edelkrone's website doesn't really give you a good look at this in action.

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