Here’s a quick image of three different video monopods with a fluid base. Only one is actually sold through retail stores, while the smaller two are monopods i’ve modified with an aftermarket fluid base folding tripod foot (found here) Cheesycam-Monopod-Tripod-Foot-Base1.

DIY Modified Cheesycam Video Monopods Fluid Foot Base Tripod Monopod Feet

The largest is the Manfrotto 561BHDV Video Monopod (now replaced with new MVM500A). The middle option is a 4 section Manfrotto MM294A4 Aluminum monopod which offers a nice combination of light weight and stability. The smallest is my 5 section carbon fiber Rokinon monopod when I want to go extra light. If you’re looking to add stability to one of your favorite monopods with one of these tripod foots, it will only run you about $20 dollars and a bit of ingenuity.

Guaranteed this aftermarket monopod fluid base tripod foot won’t fit perfectly with whatever monopod your trying to add this to, but i’ve added epoxy putty (found here) to make it work. It’s basically putty that you’ll stuff into the foot, shove your monopod in, and the putty hardens like steel. Just make sure your monopod stays straight as it dries, you won’t get a second chance.

So if you’ve watched the video included in this article, there are two versions of this Fluid Base Monopod Tripod Foot. One is just a simple ball socket fluid base, the other (for $2 dollars more) offers a lock that will hold the monopod in a vertical position. For the non-locking version you can find it via eBay (here)

Cheesycam Monopod Tripod Foot BaseDIY Video Monopod Feet Tripod Manfrotto styleVideo Monopod Fluid Tripod Foot Fluid Base Tripod
find-price-button Fluid Base Tripod Monopod Foot – No Solid Lock

For the version that includes the locking screw, you can also find that via eBay (here).

cheesycam diy video monopod fluid base monopod tripod foot with lock
find-price-button Fluid Base Tripod Monopod Foot – No Solid Lock

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