DIY Video Crane / Jib with Custom Brackets

Cheesycam-DIY-Crane-Jib (1)Cheesycam-DIY-Crane-Jib (2)

So after the prototype DIY Jib Brackets touched down in the studio, I visited my local hardware store (Representing Orchard Hardware Supply, you know WestSide! Throwin' up the 'W'). Anyways, that's what my shopping cart looked like with plain super lightweight AL square tubing on the left, and perforated square tubing to the right. The AL is 1" and 3/4" square tubes. On the right is 1.25" + 1" perforated tube which is easier to work with - no drilling required. Perforated tubes are not in every hardware store, but they are also not difficult to track down if you call your local Metal Market. You can see some of these on Amazon (seen here). With one tube larger than the other, you can create a telescoping jib. This of course is not necessary, you can just use one solid piece for both top and bottom. My top tube is 4ft. long and the bottom is 3ft. long.

These Prototype brackets were designed with Steel. Heavy duty stuff, and once all the parts are assembled, the structural integrity is solid. With this design, we were able to eliminate the requirement for welded parts, which is time consuming and costly for manufacturing jibs. Being able to offer just the brackets also saves the end user from shipping costs due to weight and length of packaging. Once you get your hands on these brackets (if the idea ever flies), then it literally takes a few minutes of assembly with basic nuts and bolts and you'll be flying whatever size crane you can think of. A goal was to offer the complete set of brackets, nuts, bolts, nylon bearings, lock nuts, etc. for around $15 bucks. Will it happen? Don't know, but it sure is fun playing with ideas....


62 thoughts on “DIY Video Crane / Jib with Custom Brackets

  1. martin

    Selling the plans is a great idea. If you set a price, pls post / email as I'm ready to DIY something similar but yours look very professional and the advantage of compacting down small enough to be carried easily. I'm very interested...

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @5David - This is one of those idea that have not yet been sent to manufacturing. There were other projects that have taken priority at this time.

  3. Dave

    Hi Em,

    This looks like a great idea that I hope happens. Not having to drill the tubes, and the telescopic tubes are two very appealing items. If you produce this, please send an email to announce it.


  4. JG

    Emm, thanks for the replay I just saw it today! And thanks for the explanation about the Thrust Bearings I had no idea how to use bearings on a crane,
    I've been meaning to build my own crane but I want something smooth. I called all the Hobby Stores in my area and none offered large thrust bearings only super small ones. I'll keep looking and I didn’t know Glideshot crane used a solid aluminum boom!

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