DIY Video Stuff with PVC

Using aluminum broom sticks and some PVC T connectors, Vimeo member Jorge comes up with a simple $5.00 dollar slider solution. Inside the PVC T connectors is a bit of felt to reduce friction and allow some smoother slides. There is a bit of movement during some of the video footage, but I think that's from the cheaper Tripod head mounted to only one set of PVC T connectors. You might get better results using 4 connectors, a wider flat base plate, and a solid Tripod head. Of course, that might run up the bill to about $15.00 dollars. I might have to say this could have more potential than the $99 dollar slider....

The good fellas over at shows how it's done using four PVC T connectors on steel rods. Check out the video below.

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10 thoughts on “DIY Video Stuff with PVC

  1. Calvin

    Hi Emm!

    Thanks for suggesting the 717AH Fluid Head. I wanted the tripod legs so I could attach the slider to the tripod legs, so I searched up a 717AH Tripod kit and found this.

    Is it possible to detach the head so I could install it on the slider? Then attach the Slider&717AH head back onto the tripod after I finish building the slider? Or is this head not detachable? Thank you in advance for the help! I hope this question will help others too!

  2. Brandon

    Thanks for sharing these clips. The second slider really looks nice. I think I'll have something to do next weekend!

  3. Danny

    I gotta admit.. I'm very glad I didn't purchase the slider rail when you posted it, now I can build this for cheap!

  4. You guys never fail to amaze me with great posting and links!
    I missed out on the last $99 slider and am too cheap to buy others, so this is my ticket! :)

    Bill V.

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