DIY Microphone DeadCat Windscreen

If you're in a bind to find an inexpensive Microphone Windscreen a.k.a. DeadCat, here's a quick tip shared by YouTube member krotoflik. Try grabbing yourself a padded furry (or wooly) seatbelt cover. There's a short sample with and without the Seatbelt cover on the microphone, and it does a decent job of eliminating that dreaded wind rumbling noise.

Available for about $6 dollars on Amazon is a sheepskin padded seatbelt cover, so does this technically make it a DeadSheep instead of a DeadCat? [Thanks Chad]

find-price-button Padded Seatbelt Cover - DIY Microphone Windscreen


5 thoughts on “DIY Microphone DeadCat Windscreen

  1. Check out: I have purchased covers for my Rode microphones from them. Great customer service and prices A LOT lower than the OEM covers. Oh, and you get a little comb if you want to slap some gel in your hair and slick it back like a 50s greaser. I *think* that's what the comb is for, right?

  2. Not overly impressed with those results but it's an improvement.
    I tried the same thing with two various kinds of fur and did not get any good results myself. You can see them in my YT channel
    Now I use the Windcut one that I reviewed some months ago and the results are just perfect.
    Costs a little more than DIY solutions but worth it for professional use. About £15 shipped.

    @Frank, yes, I've seen that site, they look very good! I'm in the UK though so it's good that the Windcut is based here.

    @Krotoflik, try closing that hole in the front! I found that with my DIY ones that was the most problematic place.


  3. O'Ryan

    eh... Yeah this will cancel out all of the wind noises but it will also cancel out all high frequencies as well. Between the padding and the foam grip this can't possibly be acoustically transparent...

    I suppose if you already have these items this could save you in a pickle.

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