Deal Today – Beats By Dre Noise Canceling Headphones

Monster Beats By Dre Headphones Noise CancellingMonster Beats by Dre

Great deal of the day is the Beats by Dre Noise Canceling headphones. Normally priced over $300 dollars, this deal that will end in a few hours brings it down to just $159. That's even cheaper than the Solo version. Available in Black/Red or White/Red. Check it out following the link (click here)

Beats by DreBeats by Dre White
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13 thoughts on “Deal Today – Beats By Dre Noise Canceling Headphones

  1. Paul

    I can get some nice sennheisers for $80... Sound 100x better and that's not even on sale 🙂

    I use Behringer HPM1000 at work, super inexpensive and work great. Something you can break and not feel bad about.

  2. Ron

    There have been quite a few comparisons/ reviews of Dre Beats with,in the same price range, the extremely popular Beyerdynamic dt-770 pro.

    Might be worth seeking out if you are looking for affordable, extremely good sounding, comfortable to the max headphones under $200..

    Happy holidays to all.

  3. Alksion

    Yeah, I personally feel these are over-hyped, ghetto looking ear phones, but like Emm mentioned, someone could have made good money off these.

    I think people just automatically associate anything you post with video/audio, that's all.

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @Simon - All good points. I love it how everyone jumps on the whole Video recording conversation. In the article I just posted that it was a great deal for what they are, and did not suggest anything about video. Heck if someone was smart, they could easily have grabbed a dozen of these and made some good money back on eBay.

  5. Simon

    I think they are very likely MUCH better sounding than the standard issue Apple Ipod/phone ear buds. But over-rated/priced/styled for what they are. And for sound recording, not appropriate sounding (or looking).

    What does it matter what they look like? When you start charging money for video production, looking like you know what you are doing is 50% as important as what is on the monitor. Sad but true.

  6. Emm

    Post author

    @Rob - Possibly. The auction though was sold from a Top Rated seller since 2004. I doubt they would risk their feedback rating on cheap knock offs. Also this was advertised by eBay, and not every seller can get that listing there. It sold out in minutes though.

  7. Rob

    The most ripped off headphones on eBay. No way they were real. Only way to buy that brand is from an authorized dealer.

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