Deal on Manfrotto Compatible Quick Release Plate w QR Adapter Base

This Manfrotto 501PL Compatible QR Adapter base has been around for a while, typically closer to the $35-$40 dollar price. Here's a recently listed item that is offering this kit (QR base + QR plate) for just $22 + FREE SHIPPING.

Pretty good deal if you needed the extra adapters for moving your cameras to a Jib, Shoulder Rig, Slider, etc. You can also throw one of these adapters over other (non-manfrotto) tripods heads, so that they will be Manfrotto 501PL compatible. And unlike the more expensive OEM Manfrotto 577, this base has two bubble levels, a standard 1/4-20 + 3/8 thread on the side of the plate (for mounting accessories), and more options to mount under the base.

While it's available (found here).

manfrotto style quick release 577 plate rapid 501pl
manfrotto style quick release plate rapid 501pl 577 adapter
577 manfrotto style quick release plate rapid 501pl 577.jpg
VIEW-ITEM Manfrotto Compatible Quick Release Adapter for 501PL Plate


6 thoughts on “Deal on Manfrotto Compatible Quick Release Plate w QR Adapter Base

  1. Harry

    Emm - yes the screw is not seated properly and is 'locked' in place. I contacted the company and they gave me a 75% refund and let me just
    keep the kit... so not perfect but at least they were very fast and accommodating.

    Might buy another... or maybe going for a Sachtler head which I assume uses different plates anyway.

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Harry - Looks like it only goes back, not forwards. There's a tiny screw on the Release button. Maybe your screw is just run down too much. Back it off a bit and see if it catches.

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @Harry - Are you sure about this? I have a couple here and they work just fine. The only way mine will fall out without the release button is if I put it on backwards. Are you sure you don't have yours on backwards?

  4. Harry

    Bought one of these and the plate can leave the base WITHOUT pushing the button... total fail. If I have to pay return shipping I'll prob just keep it for non critical items, but no way would I trust my camera on it. Only 'fall' out the back and only if it is not locked in.. but still.

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