Crystal 800 Wireless Video System Use your iPad or iPhone as Wireless Monitor

Here's a general overview of the new CAME-TV Crystal 800 Wireless Video Kit. Besides being rated for up to 800 meters, the stand out feature for this kit is that you can also use an iOS device such as an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad as a wireless video monitor displaying the feed from a remote camera.

While the long range and ability to monitor through an iOS device are appealing, the Crystal-800 is not meant to replace higher end units if you want to record high quality from the video stream. While the transmitted image comes in clear and sharp, it does not appear to be uncompressed. Also i've noticed that certain framerates (i.e. 24p) that are input into the transmitter seem to end up as 30fps on the HDMI output of the receiver. You can also enable Audio to be be transmitted, but keep in mind that it is compressed audio but should be good enough for basic monitoring.

If your main goal is simply to send video from a remote camera to a director's monitor, I think the Crystal-800 is an excellent system. You don't even need to build out an lcd monitor with a cage. You can simply have the client monitor from an iPhone or iPad.

crystal 800 wireless Crystal-800 Wireless Video System

The Crystal-800 would work fine for Gimbals or Steadicam systems where the camera is constantly roaming. And even though the image sent is compressed, it should be clear enough for a basic multi-cam live stream setup to Facebook or Youtube. The Came-TV Crystal-800 Wireless Video system is available now over at their website (Found Here).

came-tv crystal-800
crystal 800 wireless Crystal-800 Wireless Video System


10 thoughts on “Crystal 800 Wireless Video System Use your iPad or iPhone as Wireless Monitor

  1. I just purchased the unit based on this post. I hope it will be awesome! I'll share my experience with it once I get it. I hope shipping doesn't take too long to Europe from China.

  2. Post author

    @Joshua Chiara - What camera are you using it with? What HDMI setting do you have with it? Are you using a monitor to view it? Are you using an iPad? If you're using an older Canon DSLR for example, most of the time they only output 480p from their HDM output. Mine is clear, but i'm using mine with a true 1080 output camera.

  3. Joshua Chiara

    I purchased this unit and i have received it and tested it. The quality is very poor, and I was wondering if your unit also had very poor quality video. I understand it isn't going to be 10 bit 422 or anything, but mine looks like an old youtube video. Smeary, lacking definition. It is difficult to tel if things are actually in focus. Is the unit you reviewed that poor of quality? I had an Aries Nyrius Pro that this was going to replace, but the difference in the quality of the video is night and day. Is this normal behavior, or is there anything I can do? I have reached out to the manufacturer with very little response.

  4. Jake


    Oh! And also, can it stream to multiple iOS devices? If so, how many? Been trying to find info online but can't seem to find the answer.

    Great reviews! Thank you!

  5. Jake

    Hi @Cheesycam !

    Interesting product. If I had two units, would I be able to see both feeds on a single IPad?


  6. Bryce

    Hi there 🙂

    My names Bryce I'm a long time follower of Cheesycam, been filming and tech nerding since the 5d2. I was wondering if you could share some advice for a setup I'm trying to achieve for live streaming and wondering if this Crystal800 may be a solution for me.

    I'm about to start live streaming local softball games here in Auckland, New Zealand. I've got a roland v1-hd 4 channel switcher running OBS studio. 3 inputs on the switcher are cameras and the 4 is LIVE Score app.
    Hopefully you are familiar with MLB Baseball and its camera setups. We have 2 cameras close by to our broadcast hub behind homeplate but we are desperately trying to achieve the Centrefield camera as our main visual.

    With centrefield so far away, we are trying to find a wireless solution to send that camera to our switcher at homeplate. We've looked at a fibre cable option but trying to stay away from cables for that distance if possible.
    Teradek is just too expensive, do you think this Crystal 800 could be suitable?
    We dont need the audio from it, all cameras are 8bit 1080p 60.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated,
    Cheers man!

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