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I've preached about Drop-In style Video Heads in the past, but what about Quick Release Baseplates? There's a couple of reasons why you may prefer this Smallrig Drop Over Quick Release Base for Manfrotto 501PL Plates instead of traditional slide in plates.

Close to $50 for the SmallRig QR Base alone, it certainly is not cheap. But you can see that using a drop-in style system does solve a lot of frustrations involved with slide-in plates when working with certain setups.

smallrig small rig quick release manfrotto 501pl qr base
Learn-More-sm SmallRig 501PL QR Base: http://cheesycam.tv/SmallRigQR


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These new Rosette Adapters fit over the CAME-TV Boltzen 55w and 30w LED Lights Yoke so that it has a more positive lock when adding the Bowens mount adapter and an accessory (such as a softbox). This will prevent the Boltzen 55w / 30w light from sagging or losing position.

While I think these Rosette Adapters can solve many problems when adding certain accessories, keep in mind that these are small 'spot lights' optimized to throw light to a distance and focus a narrow beam. These weren't meant to be big key lights and adding too heavy a softbox could add unnecessary strain to these portable lights. Right now these are only available when purchasing the optional Bowens adapter, as you won't need them when operating these lights 'as is'.

Came-TV Optional Bowens Mount for Boltzen 30w 55w Yoke Rosette

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If you're just getting into Live Streaming on the Internet, here's a deal that expires on February 28th, 2017. You can get $100 off the Teradek Vidiu Wireless Streaming Encoder using this special link (here).

What is it and why would you need this? The Teradek Vidiu is a device that can sit on top of your camera and stream the HDMI output directly to the Internet up to 1080p. No computer needed, no OBS or Wirecast software required. The Teradek Vidiu is configured by adding in RTMP information (i.e. Facebook RTMP, YouTube RTMP, etc) and streams directly over your Wifi network.

But while the Teradek Vidiu can be hooked up to a single camera so you can be as mobile as you need, you can also attach this to the program feed output of your Live Switcher (i.e. ATEM). Most people (like myself) typically output to a computer through software like OBS or Wirecast. By connecting your Program Feed output you can eliminate that extra gear, bulk, and weight.

$100 off the Teradek Vidiu Wireless Streaming Encoder - expires 2.28.17

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Easy Carry Handle Strap, Saddle Bag Design, and a Velcro Wrap. Seems these Pop-Up Canopy bags could also work great to lay over a C-Stand leg, or wrap around the center of a Light Stand. For a bag that can hold up to 25lbs of sand, it's not badly priced for a set of (4)pcs. A good (possibly much cheaper) alternative to your specialty Photography/Video sand bags.

Impact Canopy Weight BagPop Up Tent Sand Bag
check latest pricing Pop-Up Canopy Sand Bags

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Current price reduction (via Amazon( on a few of Sony's most popular Mirrorless Cameras and G-Master Lenses. The Sony A7RII is popular among photographers with it's high megapixel full frame sensor, while the Sony A7SII is popular for video as it's still the dominating '4K low light' king of mirrorless systems.

sony rewards event a7 series atrii a7sii

The 85mm F/1.4mm Sony G-Master Lens is best for portraits, while the Sony 24-70mm F/2.8 is a great all around general lens. The 'G-Master' lenses were designed to compliment both professional photographers and videographers. Rounded 11-blade diaphragm contributes to a pleasing bokeh quality when employing selective focus techniques.

Internal focus mechanism provides quick, quiet, and precise autofocus performance and also contributes to more natural, intuitive manual focus control. Dust- and moisture-sealed design better permits working in inclement conditions and rubberized control rings benefit handling in colder temperatures. Manual aperture ring can be de-clicked for smooth, silent aperture switching to benefit video applications.

sony 85mm g mastersony rewards discount sony lens

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A closer look at what's included with the Pro Studio Solutions Kits and how easily they can be setup to use as a Scrim, Bounce, Reflector, Shoot through, Lighting Flag, etc. The Pro Studio kits are available in a few different sizes and models, but if you're starting out, I think the 4x4 is a good standard size that you will use often and that may work with other off-the-shelf fabrics and pre-cut gels.

The Pro Studio Solutions Scrim Kits are easy to assemble, breaks down quickly, and is lightweight. The included telescoping boom arm (available in some kits) is very good quality and weighted as a good counterbalance. Starting at around $119 (for the smallest one), I think it's a good buy and something you'll end up using for years. You can find the ProStudio Kits available via Amazon (here).

fotodiox reflector bounce sun scrimprostudio solutions scrim kitpro studio solutions scrim
check latest pricing Pro Studio Solutions Scrim Kits



While most often I find myself working with smaller more portable lights, there's definitely a time and place for larger and more powerful sources to create a look that smaller lights can't easily replicate. And (like me) if you're tired of working with too hot to handle, fragile, and heavy power consuming Tungsten and Halogen lights, you'll love what the new Rayzr7 LED Fresnel line has to offer.

Rayzr has reached out and sent this light over for me to try. Here i've done an unboxing and setup video of the new Rayzr7 300w Daylight LED Fresnel - which for the size is somewhat equivalent to a 1K Tungsten Fresnel. This is probably the most powerful and largest LED Light i've personally demoed on this website.

For using this type of light, the closest experience I would compare this to would be working with something like the Arri 1K Tungsten Fresnel. Obviously there are huge benefits working with a 300w LED Fresnel over working with a typical tungsten kit.

First, the most obviously reason would be heat. Working with an Arri 1K Tungsten in a small room can make everyone quickly uncomfortable. You'll require gloves when handling the 1K Tungsten Light (changing positions, swapping barn doors, etc), and it takes a while to pack them up as you need to let them cool down.

With this type of heat generation a 1K Tungsten requires a huge power draw, so using multiple lights in a location always has to be considered as you can easily trip a circuit breaker. And with the power requirements of a 1K tungsten, it's not an easy light to use off-the-grid unless you plan on packing up a gas generator. Other cons you might consider of a 1K Tungsten Fresnel are that they can be somewhat fragile to handle (bulb breaks, bulb blows out) and is also not an easy light to control remotely.

If you've had those experiences working with a high power Tungsten Fresnel before, then you'll easily see the benefits of an LED Fresnel Light like the Rayzr7 300w Daylight. Even running the light all day, you can still handle it with your bare hands, and pack it away the moment you shut it off.

Although the 300w version requires a 24-36v DC source it is still possible to run them off of battery power when working in remote locations, and the low power draw should be no issue working with several units in a single room. DMX or Wifi Controls built in means you can remotely control the Rayzr7 LED Fresnels if you have to mount them up high in a studio or stage setting.

The Rayzr7 LED Fresnels are flicker free for high speed framerates and provide excellent Color metrics. The size is similar to a common 1K Fresnel Tungsten, but weight is slightly lighter. But Rayzr7 does state their 300w is actually 1.5 times brighter than a typical 1K tungsten.

For an LED Light this bright and wrapped up into a proper common Fresnel style housing, I don't personally have anything else hands-on that I could compare it to except for the popular Arri's Tungsten Fresnels. I know so many people working with these old Arri Tungsten Fresnels and constantly looking for a solid replacement to LED. I find the build quality, feature set, benefits, and performance of the Rayzr7 300w LED Fresnel excellent and would deem it a proper replacement for any Arri Fresnel tungsten kits you may already be working with.

For full product information and complete specs on the Rayzr7 LED Fresnel Product Line, visit the Website at http://Rayzr7.com.

You can also find the Rayzr7 LED Lights available via Amazon (here).

300w 200w Rayzr7 LED Fresnelrayzr 7 led fresnel light reviewrayzr7 led fresnel
check latest pricing Rayzr7 LED Fresnel Lighting - via Amazon

Other items mentioned:

FotoDiox 4x4 Scrim


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I have a closet full of small mounting hardware from variable magic arms, cold shoe adapters, tube clamps, mini ball heads, threaded couplers, gags, etc. I wanted to introduce RAM Mounts Custom Mounting Solutions again since I haven't seen many people touching on this system recently.

RAM Mounts Custom Mounting Solutions are a flexible system that allows you to build different mounts by mixing and matching parts. This approach can be cost saving if you find yourself needing different solutions as your needs vary (i.e. car rigging). The double socket + ball joint design offers great versatility and a huge range of angles. You can combine more than one double socket clamp to add additional length and more joints.

Find a complete range of the RAM Mount Custom Mounting Solutions (here)
ram mount ball suction cupram mount clamp monitor phoneram mount clamp mountram mount claw tube pipe clamp
ram mount custom mount male threadram mount double ball jointram mount female threadram mount double joint socker
check latest pricing RAM Mount Custom Mounting Solutions

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If you're looking for a small (hard) source LED light with bright output, you might want to consider the Aputure COB120T (tungsten 3200K) or COB120D (daylight 6000K). It's an impressive design that offers many sought after features such as the ability to be powered with batteries (v-mount or AB mount), Wireless Control, and a native Bowens mount for light modifying using inexpensive and readily available Bowen mount accessories.

With high output somewhere between a 500w and 750w Arri Fresnel, integrated umbrella holder, and bowens mount, it can be adapted to a number of different use cases. Remove the collector and it can throw enough light to boost ambience in a room, or set it behind a scrim for a large soft source. But as versatile as it is, there may be few things to keep in mind if you're planning to add this to your kit.

The Aputure COB120 LED Lights is smaller and lighter than an Arri 1K fresnel, but all of it's parts, I wouldn't refer to them as super compact. I'm a big fan of lights that can be battery powered, but if you plan to power the Aputure COB120, you'll need to ensure you're buying good (typically meaning a bit more expensive) batteries that can handle the constant draw. High output doesn't necessarily equal far throw. If you're in need of throwing the light output further, they do offer a Fresnel adapter, but I can't say i'm a big fan of the overall bulky design.

Outside of those small things, the COB120 has a quality build, excellent color reproduction, and many desirable features you would want in an LED light. Starting at around $600 US each, I don't think you necessarily have to have a complete lighting kit comprised of COB120s, but having a one or two would certainly be a great addition to any lighting kit.

aputure cob120t cob120daputure led light cob120d cob120t
check latest pricing Aputure COB120D COB120T LED Lighting