Deal Today – Canon T3i Kit

Well now that you saw what Canon has to offer this time around in their camera line up, you might not be considering the expensive options, so today you could save about $200 dollars off of a brand new Canon T3i kit. There's an instant discount available at both B&H (seen here) and Amazon (seen here), but still they offer the Canon T3i with kit lens for $799. Right now there's a deal blast for a brand new Canon T3i kit for just $599 (click here).

Canon T3i Discount Deal
find-price-button Canon T3i with 18-55mm IS Lens Kit


7 thoughts on “Deal Today – Canon T3i Kit

  1. Sergei

    Emm, reveal your secret please - how to find on e-bay discounted prices? I am always late here because of time zone difference. Thanks.

  2. Dane

    I like watching the purchased history count climb. In 2 minutes I watch it go from 121 sold to 224 sold! Sweet deal!

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