Canon T2i with 18-55mm Lens Kit $299

Canon T2i

Over the years we've seen some amazing video from this camera, especially once it's 'unlocked' with the Magic Lantern firmware. Even if you're above and beyond the T2i as a video maker, it still makes for an awesome first time DSLR gift for budding photographers. Amazon sells this combo for over $600 (seen here), and eBay sells this kit for over $500+ (seen here)

Canon T2i Deal

Kyle writes in and shares a nice discount for the Canon T2i with the 18-55mm Kit Lens for just $299 [thanks Kyle]. The problem for most of us is that this particular deal is only available 'In Store' at your local Frys retailer. You can the deal listing at the webpage (Click here).


14 thoughts on “Canon T2i with 18-55mm Lens Kit $299

  1. @pat . frys says if you find item cheaper online they will price match. and ive seen random 'friday deals' that are not posted on ads

  2. johnson

    @Pat Basically, if you return the item and it's not broken or damaged (supposedly) they will sticker it "returned/exchanged" and put it back on the shelf without testing. I believe that's what most of the complaints are because buyers may end up with a returned/exchanged product that is either defective, damaged, missing pieces, etc. Just buy the ones that aren't labelled with the "returned/exchanged" decal.

  3. Pat

    seriously? "newegg/tigerdirect" - dude they don't have any great deals...
    I recommend to find better stores with much better prices. $300 price is great but they have probably 2 items on stock.

    @DannyC I just read few reviews and non of those was about specific product but the customer service which is SCAM.


    @pat 600 bad reviews? its probably the top electronics store around LA area, biggest, comparable prices to online stores (i.e. newegg/tigerdirect)

  5. Hey Emm:

    The t2i has the same sensor as the t3i and the t4i, yes? It would be a nice camera to get for video, I shot with it and the quality is fairly competitive with the GH1/GH2. But can you adapt any lenses to it besides EF? The FD lenses will have the loss of one stop, because of the glass in the adapters. Are there adapters for Nikon to EF mount?

  6. brian

    Amazon had the T2i with EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS and EF-S 55-250mm f/4.0-5.6 IS on a lightning deal for $599 earlier today - only available through waitlist now...

  7. Darius

    If the deal is legit you could basically sell the kit lens and knock another hundred bucks off the price of the body.

  8. Jarred

    Yeah FRYs is generally ok store if you are close to one, they mainly located on west coast. 2 here in Arizona. i might stop by in store and check these out.

  9. DannyC

    @Pat- I've been to fry's many times. On the staff end some aren't so bright, but as a store it's awesome and they have one of the most flexible return policies of any store. I'm sure people give bad remarks about the fine print people fail to read about potential restocking fees and such.

    Some reviews may also have specific products to blame and not the store itself.

    I love fry's though personally. If you know what you want when you get in and already well informed on what product does what, you're golden.

  10. nero355

    This is basically a 550D over here in Europe, right ?

    Too bad there aren't any offers like this over here : A friend of mine would love to have a dSLR but currently everything is a bit outside his budget 🙁

    Oh well...

  11. Pat

    Did saw review of the store where is that Canon T2i for 300$?
    I don't thing you want take responsibility for that kind of deal from the store which got 600 bad reviews!

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