CAME-TV Tripod Dolly and Magnetic Track Rail System

Sliders are great, but track systems will offer you more travel. Gimbals are great systems to move the camera long distances, but is not ideal when your movement has to be repeated. Using a track dolly system will let you take advantage of long lenses and shallow depth of field without having to worry about your subject falling out of frame or out of focus. It's a more controllable and predictable tool that offers high production value that any operator can use without much practice or experience. Every shooter should have access to a good tripod track dolly system.

Recently we were able to try on CAME-TV's new Tripod Track Dolly system that allows you to perform curved tracking shots or straight linear tracking shots. The system is unique as it uses strong Magnets to combine the rails together making it fast and easy to setup - no tools.

Anytime you join tracks, you have to worry about the seams not aligning and causing a bump in tracking. But the Magnetic rails matched up perfectly, and the tripod dolly with 3 swiveling casters and a total of 12 smooth bearing wheels gave us extremely smooth footage.

The kit comes packed neat in a carrying case and is extremely lightweight. The base kit comes with a set of curved rails and straight rails. You can combine all of the the tracks in the kit and even purchase additional tracks to make up more variety. This system can work on slightly textured surfaces, but works best on level ground.

The CAME-TV Tripod Dolly and Magnetic Track System is made with quality, and definitely affordable compared to other similar systems. The fact that it comes with both curved and linear rails allows you to get creative right out of the base package. For more information, check out the product page at (here).

came-tv tripod magnetic track dolly
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4 thoughts on “CAME-TV Tripod Dolly and Magnetic Track Rail System

  1. @Bill Pryor - I don't think it will have problems with a small jib carrying up to 50lbs. It might work better this way. But I don't know if shimming it would be a good idea. It should ideally be on as much of a flat surface as possible. We used it in an area that had a throw rug which was above the hardwood floor. Transitioning from this little bit of height difference wasn't a problem, but extreme differences will not allow the track to work well.

  2. Bill Pryor

    This system looks great on a level floor. Do you think it's sturdy enough to be shimmed up when necessary? Also, would it support the weight of a small jib?, ie., a maximum of 40-50 pounds? Thanks

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