CAME-TV GoPro 3 Axis Gimbal with Encoders

CAME-TV today has listed another new gimbal on their website today. At first glance it looks like many GoPro HandHeld Gimbals on the market today, but this version is far more advanced. This new gimbal features 'Encoder' technology much like what is found in the high end FreeFly MOVI, DJI Ronin, or in the popular CAME-SINGLE gimbals.


When Encoders are used, gimbals are several times more stable, motors are tracked more accurately, and battery life is several times more efficient. On this GoPro gimbal, you might expect to get up to 6 hours of battery life between charges.

came-gimbal gopro 3 axis

Many small GoPro gimbals run their own software which means you can't modify or tune the settings. I'm not sure if 'tweaking' will be encouraged by CAME-TV, but this new Gopro gimbal operates on the latest 32 bit SBGC. So someone like me can easily customize profiles, service modes, etc.

The new 3 Axis GoPro Gimbal with Encoders is available now over at the CAME-TV website.

came-tv action came-action gimbal encoders
VIEW-ITEM CAME-TV GoPro 3-Axis Gimbal with Encoders


55 thoughts on “CAME-TV GoPro 3 Axis Gimbal with Encoders

  1. Julio de la portilla

    I have been useing the gimbal without any problems for the last couple of weeks but today after turning it on it started to Shake.., i changed the batteries but that doesnt change anything. Iam travelling in india right now and iam missing a lot of good shots because of that. Do you know how can i fix the problem ??? Thanks !

  2. Joe L

    Hi Emm,

    I understand that you would recommend handheld gimbals with encoders, but according to my observation of YouTube videos out there, I would prefer Zhiyun Z1-Evolution's stability over Came-Action. Somehow it outperforms the newer model even if Z1 doesn't have encoders (imho). The following video stunningly surprised my expectations, since the author put his Z1 into a more challenging environment (while running), unlike your video - since you used CAME-Action in a significantly less challenging quest and it didn't perform any better than Z1 here:

    Could you please give me your comment on that?


  3. Emm

    Post author

    @Lugi - The Action has 'encoders' which is a big deal for stability and efficiency. I have not used the G4s, and the Z1 has a new version out I believe which I have not used.

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