CAME-TV Crystal-800 Wireless Video Transmitter works with iPhone iPod iPad as Wireless Video Monitor

Here's an interesting new piece of equipment coming out soon. The CAME-TV Crystal-800 looks and acts like a typical wireless HD Video kit, but has the added bonus of generating it's own little Wifi SSID. Through an iOS App you can get live feed from the Crystal-800's wireless receiver to your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. As of this prototype, there are no monitoring features like Focus Peaking, Zebra, False Color, histograms, etc. But I think that can easily be added as a future update on the APP side. There's a few other things that haven't been finalized just yet, but at least you get a sneak peek of what the new Crystal-800 here.

Came-tv crystal 800 wireless video
crystal 800 wireless CAME-TV Crystal-800 Wireless Video Kit

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