CAME-TV CAME-SINGLE RAW Uncut Unedited Footage

People have been asking to see some video footage from the CAME-SINGLE, and so I thought I'd throw something up. It's not pretty, but that's exactly what I was going for in this example. Here you've got over 4 minutes of Raw footage, uncut, unedited, no slow motion, and no image stabilization. I've also included a BTS video showing the gimbal in use.

Single handed gimbals are great, but this means you have to be extra careful as well. Two handed operation will always allow you to be more stable. So in my setup i've added a 15mm rod adapter under the handle, a 15mm rod horizontally, and two 15mm handles.

Even though i've added extra handles, there's several instances to which the gimbal was in extreme angles (low mode) and time where I only operated with one handle. The gimbal still performed pretty darn good. For those who are familiar with using alexmos gimbals, you'll notice there are no 'twitches', 'micro jitters', and the horizon (roll) did not drift. It stayed level after the entire time even after panning, tilting, and low mode shooting.

In any case, hopefully this footage has been helpful. The CAME-TV CAME-SINGLE gimbal can be found at their website (found here).

find-price-button CAME-TV CAME-SINGLE 32 Bit Gimbal with Encoders

A few people have asked, so here's the basic setup I used for my handles. First, I attached a Pico Plate under the handle, and this lets me attach a 15mm Rod.

kamerar pico plate

I used PVGear 10" Carbon Fiber Rod (super lightweight).

And finally I was able to my 15mm Handles to each side.
smallrig 15mm handles came-single gimbal


121 thoughts on “CAME-TV CAME-SINGLE RAW Uncut Unedited Footage

  1. jsfilmz

    People in this thread. When you balance your camera and the gimbal is off. What does your gimbal do when you pull on the roll axis? Does it automatically return to level or does it stay where it is? Thanks!

  2. @jsfilmz - I haven't had the chance to do a tutorial, but if it only vibrates at certain angles, the area you can try is the Adaptive PID Gains. From what I understand this only kicks in when it needs to, so like when you go to a different angle.

  3. jsfilmz

    Also i have an hdmi monitor in my set up. Should i balance the came single with the cable plugged in or does it matter?Thanks man.

  4. jsfilmz

    Thanks man. I already jacked it up once i think but your video about restoring it to default saved me. Ill tinker around with the power. i think its the pitch cos it jitters up ane down

  5. @jsfilmz - It's all in the tuning. I'm guessing the PID settings are too high for your setup. You can try lowering some of the motor power settings and the PID, but make sure you save your original settings first. It's also best to just figure out which one is causing the vibrations and just make adjustments to that one axis.

  6. jsfilmz

    Em i am currently using the came single with a micro cinema camera and a tokina 11-16mm . I am getting a lot of jitters on my footage with the default profile. Any suggestions?

  7. Cody

    Anyone have PID settings for gimbal using gh4 + olympus 17mm 1.8?? I lowered the power but still jitters mostly when panning.

  8. Dodger

    Hi Emm
    Could you please have a look at my previous post #104.

    Just trying to find out is there a minimum weight for the Came-TV single.

    Would it work with Iphone set up for example.

    Thanks for even a quick answer.

  9. Fernando Trindade

    I have been following your reviews angot myself a CameTv Action gimbal.

    Somethig had happened to it and I lost all balance with it.
    I have been using Alexmos for a while but I need help.

    Maybe you could send me the profiles file that comes along with the CameTV Action, please?

    Or a vídeo showing all the screens for each profile...

    I think I have the encodings wrong... I don't know what to use, but this is getting crazy.

    Nothing Works.
    My Yaw motor is burning just after a few minutes of testing.

    What is the yaw miniUSB port for? it does not connect to SimpleBGC...

    I would love to read from you.
    Sent you my email...

    Thanks forany help.
    And happy new year.

  10. Dan

    Hi Emm please disregard above. Turns out I'm just not well practised at panning. Started using the '7 second rule' and my footage looks a lot better. Now thinking of the gimbal as a means of enhancing my footage rather than a way of doing things radically different.

  11. Dan

    many thanks for your advice Emm! I tried OIS off and also different lens combinations and also did a better job of balancing the gimbal. Same problem! I have now come to realize that the problem is the judder in my new GH4! Can't believe how bad it is! have you any advice in shooting 24p on GH4 without getting the judder effect? If this is discussed elsewhere could you direct me please.

  12. Thank you Emm! I made a short test today and the settings worked pretty good. But i had to adjust the "D" to 17. With 7, the pitch axis "stuttered" to much while moving.

    With 17 this is a little bit better, but now the whole gimbal vibrates a little bit in extreme position (- this is not much of a problem for me). I will made some more tests next week.

  13. @Emm: please dont forget my problem... i really need your PID-Settings, cause i have to decide if i send the gimbal back to came-tv... thanks! :)

  14. Emm

    Post author

    @Ian Swarbrick - I don't think the DIY solution is any less stable. These systems both use SBGC 32 bit and both have encoders. They both perform very very well, so really the difference boils down to size and need.

  15. Hi Emm.
    The reviews are great and I just ordered a CAME-TV Single based on your reviews.

    I was thinking of trying iPhone 6s+ with Beast Grip Pro and moondoglabs anamprophic lens but noticed that some set ups might be too light.
    Have you had any experience and what would you recommend with this set up.

    Thanks for the great reviews

  16. Ian Swarbrick

    Emm, as you prefer 2 handles anyway, and now that the Varavon Birdycam Lite is avaailble, would you choose the Varavon over this now? I know that the Varavon can carry more weight, but putting that aside, would you find it better, having two handles of original design rather than an add-on d-i-y solution?

  17. Emm

    Post author

    @Steve - If the system is viibrating, touch each motor. Which one feels like it's vibrating more? Try holding each motor steady with your fingers (keep it from vibrating). You may notice it will have an effect when you try to steady a motor, and that's the one you want to target.

  18. Steve

    Hi ,

    I'm using the A7sii with lens adapter and canon 28mm.
    I've was on the came site and said to just adjust one motor.

    I've read though the post, I get the gist and have adjusted one motor.
    And was hard to tell what one was causing the problem, so I just adjusted the top one . Didn't work.

    So need a little advice please.

    What's best way to see what motor is causing the problem .
    My settings for power are
    Am in going up or down with these settings and how much?

    Am I going to need to change pid settings?

    Thanks very much.

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