BluSky Films Reacts to Using Came-TV Prophet Gimbal and Orbit 2 Ring Handle

I've been working with a prototype CAME-TV Prophet gimbal since they announced it at the NABShow 2017. I certainly like the design, but I also wanted to share an opinion on someone who uses gimbals as an important part of their business. BluSky Films specializes in high profile Real Estate videos in the Bay Area and surrounding cities within California. A large percentage of their footage is shot using gimbals and drones. So I followed along while Justin from BluSkyFilms reacts to using the prototype Came-TV Prophet Gimbal with new Orbit 2 Ring Handle for the first time.

And just for your reference, here's the final video edit from Justin using footage shot from the CAME-TV Prophet (prototype) Gimbal and Orbit 2 Handle.

The new CAMETV Prophet is overall a larger gimbal than the CAME-TV Optimus with a more spacious frame, larger and more powerful motors. For those who want to flip out the LCD Screen or use HDMI cables out, the camera can be mounted with the pitch motor on the left or the right side. The Prophet Gimbal can be used inverted or underslung. The new Orbit Handle is a big plus making it easier to setup, balance, and even set down as no stand is required. The Orbit 2 handle has areas for mounting accessories such as a monitor or LED light, and allows for more places to hold the gimbal frame as you operate.

For additional information see the CAME-TV Prophet Gimbal at their website:
Learn-More-sm CAME-TV Prophet Gimbal (shown with opt access)


11 thoughts on “BluSky Films Reacts to Using Came-TV Prophet Gimbal and Orbit 2 Ring Handle

  1. Post author

    @jeff - Compared to the Mini, this is much easier. Lots more room, and no tools for adjustments. My guess is it will start to ship in early August.

  2. Post author

    @Humberto Teski de Oliveira - It does all the same modes as other CAME-TV gimbals. I have not had a project that exhausted a battery, so it runs for a very long time. My guess is with two batteries you should be good for a full day.

  3. Any ideas when this gimbal will start shipping to the general public? Looking forward to hearing some actual reviews before making a decision. Especially how "turn-key" it's operation is on location with minimal or easy adjustments to balance and operate.

    Having the Came-TV Mini, it needs to be more refined as that one is a pia

  4. Post author

    @Craig Burnett - Hey it's totally subjective and everyone has a style. If you don't like it, that's fine, but there's really no right or wrong. All I can tell you is this company shoots literally everyday and is often double booked. If the clients dig it, and that's what they want, is there really any reason to change?

  5. Craig Burnett

    To clarify, my earlier remarks were about the BlueSky video, not the "BTS" video. :)

  6. Craig Burnett

    Am I the only one who thought that was really obnoxious to watch?

    How about letting some shots develop? How about giving the viewer a chance to acclimate? And enough with the speedup stuff...once or twice is fine, but in almost every shot?!? Yikes!

    I'm all for "leave them wanting more," but this left me wanting an airsick bag.

    I hope this isn't the "future" of production, where everything has to constantly be floating and flowing...really hard to watch.

  7. Just bought the profit today. Hope I can fly my GH4 + Metabones Speedbooster + Sigma 18-35mm. I have the Zhiyun Crane and it's just not powerful enough. Plus the center of gravity is too far forward. Any thoughts M?

    Thanks in advance,


  8. Very nice option. I believe that you could make the Square one with rounded corners out of PVC, with handles and Monitor, Mic Mount, Painted and fancy tape wrap, and the the foot support, very, very inexpensively.

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