Wow, we’ve got some really creative people out there. I’m shooting an event today (which i’m supposed to be doing right now), but I really had to take time out and share this idea. Evan Burns sent me an email about trying to solve unstable footing for his camera slider. Of course the first thing that comes to mind is to use multiple tripods or lightstands, but he’s got a better idea. Taking a tip from my recent SpiderTrax Dolly DIY with a pair of sawhorses, Evan stumbles on to a really great ‘cheap single sawhorse’ with individual adjustable legs. The entire unit collapses into a single rail. He’s using a few clamps to keep things together, but i’m thinking go for it and just permanently bolt that bad body down. The slider works even when the sawhorse is collapsed which I think makes for a great DIY platform for ground use. Good job Evan, thanks for making me late today too! Check out the video above, here’s the link to the unit: Heavy Duty Steel Adjustable Saw Horse

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If you don’t already have a slider, this is based on IGUS linear guide rails. IGUS has been so popular with camera sliders, they are now providing several kits in different sizes to make this DIY camera slider much easier to build. Here’s the link: IGUS Camera Slider Kits

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