Earlier this week, Andy sent over a few videos about his DIY Motorized Video Slider that can be controlled through an Intervalometer (time lapse remote). Through this remote, he was able to control speed and also delay movements of the slider. The most exciting part of this build is the basic parts used, and the simplicity of the design.

The Servo setup is pretty straight forward. Battery + speed controller + servo motor. The Timelapse remote (intervalometer) was then integrated with a small board to interrupt the circuit, and with it’s extensive settings acts as a smart controller. You can get more details and a list of parts from Andy’s YouTube Video (Click Here) [Thanks Andy].

You can check out the inexpensive prices of the basic parts used on this build via eBay (below).



Battery Pack

Small stripboard:

A 2.5mm jack-plug socket:

And some male/female plugs for the servo/controller to plug into.

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