Auto Pan Video Head with Parallax Video Slider Add-On Track

Auto Pan onemancrew parallax video slider add on device 4

Tired of static camera angles? We all know that sliders can add an entirely new dimension to your video, but Panning the fluid head simultaneously can add even MORE! Of course it's tricky business tracking a subject perfectly and to repeat the process purely by hand is near impossible. Well here's a little Parallax Slider Add-On Track that you can mount to just about any video slider so that you can have auto-panning to track a subject. Here's a very quick video about how it works.

The kit comes with just a few parts and has a dozen different 1/4" or 3/8" mounting options to get it to fit on just about any slider. The track adjusts quickly so that you can setup your next tracking shot. Build quality is great and things work smoothly.

Auto Pan onemancrew parallax video slider add on device 2Auto Pan onemancrew parallax video slider add on device 3
find-price-button Parallax Auto Panning Subject Tracking Video Slider Add-On Track

You'll need a bit of practice on how to get it to work best by ensuring your track is not too high above the auto-pan base or it can bind. After about 10 minutes of playing you'll pretty much master the technique though. The kits are available with different lengths for short or long sliders and start at just around $150 (you provide the slider). Find it (HERE).

Auto Pan onemancrew parallax video slider add on device
find-price-button Parallax Auto Panning Subject Tracking Video Slider Add-On Track


67 thoughts on “Auto Pan Video Head with Parallax Video Slider Add-On Track

  1. peter

    Hi Emm...Do you know where I can get this? the links don't seem to work anymore. If you have yours still would you be willing to sell it to me?

  2. Steven

    Just now checking back in on this as i found another solution i wanted to pass on. Glad to see Chas figured out how to take it apart and clean it out. That REALLY helps.

    After cleaning the grease I then realized not only was the turn table causing resistance which caused the parallax bar to flex in the middle of the slide. Flex causes the parallax to lose target. My goal is to stay on target with a 200mm lens and macro.

    So I have a 47" konova k3 and the mounting paints are at each end of the slider. I needed something to support the middle from flexing in & out (toward the slider and away from the slider) so I emailed Neewer and ordered another parallax bar mount. cost me $28 shipped. Once I put that in the middle that acts as the pivot for adjusting the parallax bar and keeps the flex out so the shots are SOLID now!

    I still have a problem with the 3 bearing carriage. It sticks if I slide the camera but if i slide from the 3 bearing carriage I don't have any hangup... Though I want to make it motorized and slide the camera not the cheap 3 bearing parallax carriage .....any thoughts?

  3. Chas

    In the light of a lack of response from Steven regarding the steps he took in disassembling the turntable part of his parallax bar, this morning I found myself with a bit of free time so decided to go ahead.

    First I tried liberally spraying WD40 into the gap between the upper and lower turntable. This just made a mess but didn't free up the turntable at all.

    I then peeled of the top rubber mat and found three countersunk Allen screws, these were loose which explained why I could rotate the mat part ever so slightly in relation to the rest of the upper part of the turntable.

    Removing these three screws, the ends of which can be seen protruding from the underside of the top part of the turntable, allowed the removal of what I will call the mat base complete with 1/4 camera/tripod screw. This revealed a single Allen bolt countersunk into a wide aluminium collar. This was very stiff but releasing it loosened off the rotation of the turntable and greatly diminished the notchyness. Undoing this further allowed full disassembly.

    As Steven mentioned the bearings are packed with grease. This is very viscous and sticky so I completely cleaned everything with WD40. The upper race for the ball bearing that runs between the two halves is quite severely dented on mine (see picture). Obviously this is down to grossly excessive tightening when it was assembled in China and smacks of utter lack of care/incompetence/zero engineering ability. I will be complaining about this to Link Delight though I doubt that will lead to much seeing as I have stripped the thing down and I'm not posting the whole lot back. Was looking to order a Jib from them but this now looks unlikely.

    Anyway, I reassembled with just a touch of Castrol LM grease on the bearings and Loctite thread-lock on the bearing retaining screw as well as the three screws for the mat base. The bearing retaining screw was gently tightened whilst feeling for both lack of play and relatively smooth rotation (the gorilla induced notches aside) until a sweet spot was attained.

    The rubber mat had retained enough adhesive to allow me to just press it back into place.

    The turntable is now so much smoother and free to rotate. The three roller carriage is still an issue but not as much as it was previously. Letour need to go back to the drawing board on that one. You can see that with the rollers so close together than torsion and binding is likely to occur, if the carriage was just twice as long with the rollers spaced further apart I'm sure it would work so much better.

    Once I get some more free time I'll carry out a test and see how it performs.

  4. Chas

    Link Delight is an eBay seller, they go by the account name of linkdoor. They have a website here Be warned that despite showing a 4 roller version of the parallax bar in their eBay auction they sent the 3 roller version. You will need to ask any seller if it's the three or four bearing model. Here in the UK this is the auction I bought from The only one I could find on the US ebay is this one complete with the slider...

  5. Scott

    What is Link Delight? Looking at the auctions I'm not seeing a 3 or 4 roller version? Can someone link to a place where they received a 4 roller version?

  6. Chas

    Closer inspection of mine shows that the rubber mat covers a part that rotates ever so slightly (by a few mm) within the turntable, to my eye this isn't a good thing as it's even more play. Haven't probed any further or experimented with the parallax bar as work and family have dominated since my post above. Also waiting to see if Steven answers with how he took his apart...

  7. Adam


    How were you able to take the L/S apart? Are the screws under the rubber mat?

  8. Chas

    This morning I have just taken delivery of a 120cm version of this parallax rail from Link Delight. Having previously read this thread I was heartened by the fact that they were showing the one with the four roller carriage in the eBay auction I bought from. Well, guess what, the one delivered is the three roller version and it sticks and jams on my Varavon slider. OK when you move from the parallax carriage but try moving from the slider carriage and it's pretty useless. Given that I use a Motorroid on my Varavon, intending to do timelapse with that, I'm disappointed. The video in the auction showed using it by moving a combination of ways; by the parallax carriage, by the slider carriage and by both. (they need an English commentary so badly...)

    Return to China isn't really an option for me due to cost. I will politely raise the misrepresentation in their auction with Link Delight though.

    Steven, I get what you're saying about the stiff motion of the turntable. I can't see how to take this apart to free up the bearing though. Did you remove the rubber mat from the top of the platform. I can also see that there is some red sealing material, that's what it looks like anyway, inside the 3/8 hole on the bottom. I would be most grateful for a comment on how you got into yours.

  9. Steven

    Well I just stripped out the little screw on the rail slider! Will get a longer screw tomorrow and drill/tap the hole completely though for more threads to grip and prevent stripping again. Plus more grip to tighten down on the rail.

    The lazy susan (camera table) DOES have a ball bearing under it and a roller bearing on the top side. I was surprised to find these as it stuck so much. I cleaned out the excessive grease with WD-40 and now it spins / rotates VERY smoothly! If the camera skips any more its definitely from the rail slider. (three wheel version) Will cross that bridge after I fix the tightening screw.

  10. Emm

    Post author

    @Trevor - I only mounted one, and the second one I just pushed up against the slider. Not a threaded mount, more like a friction mount.

  11. Trevor

    @Emm But were you able to mount 2 screws on each cheeseplate? I can only mount 1 per cheeseplate and I find that they keep shifting around on me, which makes it impossible to get precise tracking.

  12. Trevor

    @Emm, I can't for the life of me figure out how to mount the cheese plates from the parallax addon to my Duzi V2. How were you able to screw (2) 1/4 screws to each cheese plate? I can only align 1 screw on each side which is worthless cuz the cheese plates keep shifting around. Can you post a picture of the underside to show me how you attached them?

  13. efex

    I sent mine back today.
    I really wanted it to work because the price was good.
    I want to try the konova master pan but its almost twice the price.

    Any other solutions?

  14. RG

    Really choppy when used with motor.

    I have the 4 wheel version and I don't think the wheels are the issue it's the actual part that turns the camera it seems to get stuck and then releases, which causes the jerkiness.

    I'm sending mine back.

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