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Flolight BladelightLearn-More-sm Flolight Bladelight 18" and 36" Lighting


The Manfrotto XPRO Video Monopod is currently a top seller, but when you compare it to Libec's latest HFMP Video Monopod product, I've found several reasons why I would prefer to switch over.

First big reason is stability. You can't beat the size of Libec's HFMP Video Monopod Feet. Second reason why I would choose the HFMP over the XPRO is because you can quickly Lock / Unlock the base with a simple stepping motion.

Now if you were to purchase the Libec HFMP Combo which includes the TH-X Dual Mount Video Head, you're getting a fully operating head with Pan and Tilt controls, whereas Manfrotto's kit will not have a fully functional head. With the TH-X Head you can then use it on a Slider (as seen here), on a set of Tripod Sticks with a flat 3/8" base, or even on a Tripod with 65mm half bowl.

It's possible to purchase each of the Libec HFMP or Manfrotto XPRO Video Monopods without a head and you can add your own. The benefit to Manfrotto's is that it collapses 5" shorter, extends about 5" taller, and is about 1.2lbs lighter. But if you're looking for optimum stability nothing currently compares to the HFMP. Libec is also bringing better value at cheaper retail pricing than the XPRO system.

You can find Libec's new HFMP Video Monopod (here).
libec hfmp video monopod th-x headlibec hfmp video monopod
Learn-More-sm Libec HFMP Video Monopod TH-X Head

More info on Manfrotto XPRO Video Monopod (here)
manfrotto xpro headxpro-feet
Learn-More-sm Manfrotto XPRO Video Monopods

Libec HFMP:
Manfrotto XPRO:


Here we're taking a look at the new Cinevate Duzi V4 Video Slider with On-Board Flywheel System. The new Duzi V4 has an innovative On-Board Flywheel that keeps the car moving smoothly and consistently over the rails. The Duzi V4 is available in Compact 24 & 32 inch sizes and is Crafted from CNC machined Aluminum and Stainless steel.

The rails are made from Lightweight rigid solid carbon, and the car rides on 8 precision roller bearings. You can mount Cinevate Duzi V4 Slider on a Tripod using the Center bottom plate or Side mounts.

To level the Cinevate Duzi V4 Video Slider on uneven surface you can use the Micro adjusting urethane ball feet or pick up the optional All Terrain Leg Kit. The Upgraded brake secures the camera anywhere along the rails (something you couldn't do with Duzi V1). A Cheesed-out top and bottom plate allows for additional mounting options for or for accessories. Cinevate has also added a an integrated bubble level on the car for leveling.

Cinevate Duzi V4 Slider Flywheel
see more product Cinevate Duzi V4 Video Slider with On Board Flywheel System


I typically don't color any type of LOG footage in FCPX, but I will edit in FCPX. Since there still seems to be a growing number of people who edit LOG footage directly through FCPX's poor color board, I thought I would show a different approach. Instead of adding contrast, saturation, and exposure directly to the LOG footage, try transforming it first. Depending on the footage you're working with you might find that it could be easier to saturate colors, adjust highlights, mids, and shadows all without touching FCPX's poor color board.

You can download the FREE LUT Utility from MotionVFX (CLICK HERE) which has some nice built in options for quickly transforming your LOG to 709, but you can also import your own custom LUTS also.

FCPX doesn't really have a simple White Balance tool, and again i'm not a big fan of the built in Color Board, so I suggest grabbing a decent White Balance Plugin. This White Balance Plugin from FCPEFFECTS (found here) allows for more than just cool to warm. You can offset artificial color casts (green/magenta), set exposure, and also tweak individual RGB values within Highlight, Mid, and Shadows. Again very easy tool without having to deal with FCPXs color board.

Download FCPX White Balance Plugin (HERE)
Download FREE LUT Loader (HERE)

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If you're looking to add a Director's monitor feed to your workflow, Camera Motion Research is offering a nice sale on their complete RTR Wireless Director's Monitor Bundle. This CMR Bundle includes a 7" MustHD LCD Monitor, Monitor yoke, RM12 Wireless Video Set with 2 receivers, and the Backbones for the Radian Wireless HD Video Transmitters and Receivers. With this kit, you'll be able to stream the video feed from your camera's HDMI output to a remote LCD Monitor up to 300ft (LOS) away.

Having a director's monitor available on set is one of the best tools to have when working with anyone that needs to view the videos being shot from your camera so that they can offer creative input, or at times this tool is used for someone pulling focus remotely (especially when your camera is mounted to a gimbal). You can also use this when mounting your camera at the end of a long JIB / Crane, or when you have a remote camera that needs to stream video back to a Live Switch. Tons of useful reasons to have a Wireless Video Streaming kit on hand.

For more information about this current sale on the Camera Motion Research Wireless Director's Monitor Bundle (click here).
Learn-More-sm CMR Wireless Director's Monitor Bundle

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Cinevate Duzi V4 Slider Flywheel
see more product Cinevate Duzi V4 Video Slider with On Board Flywheel System

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The FotoDiox Mirage Trio is a fun novelty item for pure camera enthusiasts. It looks like a Sony A series camera, but is actually a triple USB charging dock for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. The lens has a cut out to hold the Apple Watch chargers as well. Available on Amazon (here)

fotodiox mirage trio USB Charging Station
see more product FotoDiox Mirage Trio USB Dock Charging Station

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The @aputurephoto #parabolic #LightDome Softbox on the new #COB120D LED Light.

A photo posted by Emm (@mrcheesycam) on

aputure light dome softbox parabolic
see more product Aputure Bowens Light Dome Softbox COB120T COB120D

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Aputure is probably known for their LED Lighting, but over the last few years Aputure has also released a few different audio products including on-camera video microphones and Lav mic kits.

Just recently Aputure has released their first professional level Shotgun Microphone with quality and performance that is already being compared to mics over three times it's price. They've also added water resistant coatings that protect the microphone from elements, and even it was accidentally submerged into a puddle of water.

The new Aputure Deity Shotgun Microphone is available now in a variety of kits from your basic set with a hardcase, to complete sets that include a Pistol Grip Shock Mount, Boom Pole, and Dead Cat Wind Cover. Check out the available Aputure Deity Shotgun Microphone kits (here).

Aputure Deity Shotgun MicrophoneAputure Deity Shotgun Microphone Cardioid
Learn-More-sm Aputure Deity Super Carioid Shotgun Microphone