Audio 2000s Wireless Microphone Battery Powered

I'm not too familiar with the Audio2000 wireless microphone system, but Vimeo member Kenrik March seems to have used it quite a bit. Seems to be using it often enough to attempt using the universal 12V battery pack I blogged about to make it a truly wireless and portable system. A bit large and not something you'll be mounting to the top of your camera, but a line out from the receiver in to a Zoom H1 should work well. There seems to be some varying packages that come with hand held microphone, LAV microphone, or Headset wireless microphones. I couldn't tell you if all the receivers require 12V DC in. Now if we can get a range test to see what distance this could be usable at. [Thanks Kenrik]

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As tipped by Kenrik, these UHF Wireless Microphone packages can also be found for cheaper via eBay (click here)
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12 thoughts on “Audio 2000s Wireless Microphone Battery Powered

  1. Kenrik


    I don't need to "defend" anything, it's a cheap setup and it works in a pinch. If you can spend more, you can get better performance.

    For those interested in performance, this video was filmed using this system.
    Listen to the clips where they were in quiet rooms, the ones in the open had a whole bunch of other audio stuff going on (Music, people etc..)

  2. Rob

    @nate Thanks for the reply. I've not yet heard of any budget wireless lav system that works very well so I guess I'll have to save up for a G3. I'm currently using a wired lav plugged into a portable but you can't monitor the sound that way. It's working okay for now. If you had some examples, that would be cool to see. Or hear.

  3. @Rob. I found that after about 30 feet from the receiver this system really starts to begin exhibiting hiss and fuzz. As Kenrik stated in his reply, he is using a different lav mic. Im not quite sure what difference that it would make. but i suppose it would be worth a try. I ended up buying an Azden sgm100x shotgun mic and a boom pole with a Zoom H4n. Although ive been in some situations where the boom isnt the best, ive really found that i get a much more equable signal. If Kenrik really wants to defend his setup then i would like to hear what it sounds like on a professional video interview. My Azden Zoom setup has made me thousands of dollars over the past year. Theres no way i would trust a commercial or informational video for a client with those A2000 microphones. If you want some examples of the sound from my boom my setup let me know. ill post some links.

  4. Sheldon

    I use the Zoom H1n as a mic.. strange how I don't see anyone doing that. Well I cant afford at 400+ mic at the moment so got to find another way.

    Want to see some test on this product first then I see.

  5. Rob

    @nate Aside from the lousy lav mic, how did the rest of the set work? Transmitter? Receiver? Do you think it's worth using with other mics?

  6. Kenrik

    While it's true that this can not be confused for a Sennheiser or Sony system I don't think anyone looking at this expects it to be at this price point.
    I had bought one of the units that had a headset Mic and purchased a well rated Lavalier Mic off Amazon so I can't comment on the included Lavalier.

    The last shoot I did a was filming managers of different supermarkets as they were being interviewed at and average distance of 15ft I can tell you that my Shotgun Mic and the in Camera Mic would not have been up to the task. I ended up with clear voices even in noisy wide open environments.
    A H4N on a Boom with a good quality Shotgun mic would have performed better, however it would have cost more as well.

    Cheap, Budget Option I think we all know that higher quality can be found at a higher price point.

  7. I got suckered into one of these systems about a year ago, and i must say that it was probably the worst purchase ive ever made in regards to video equipment. The Lavalier microphones are HUGE and extremely cheap looking on camera, the sound is tinny and non EQable in post, and there is noticable cable noise that comes from the slightest movement from the subject its attached to. DO NOT BUY THIS SET! I could possibly see it being useful as a cheap backup for stage performances to be broadcast over a P.A., but this is NOT appropriate for professional video applications.

  8. Kenrik

    They run on 9 Volt batteries. The case actually has cutouts in the foam to carry extra 9 Volts. I never did a runtime test as they seemed to hold up pretty well, I only ran out when I forgot to turn them off. 😉

    Still I would say rechargeable would be the way to go as I did have to stop at a Gas station to replace the battery between locations when I forgot to turn it off overnight.

    As far as the base unit goes it's power adapter is rated at 340ma so it should be pulling even less juice than that. The 6800ma eBay batteries should be able to run it for an entire day if not more.

  9. Kenrik

    I have used it at ranges up up to 50ft with little noticeable interference.
    I'll do a range test one of these days and post it up.

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