Amazon Cloud Storage Drive 5GB Free

Amazon Cloud Drive

Amazon's making it easier to store files online, which of course can be accessed from any Internet connected computer. This isn't anything new with companies like Microsoft's SkyDrive and Google Docs, but unlike Skydrive the max file size for individual files are 2GB and the UI looks much better than Google's Docs. Amazon is best known as a retailer, but what most people don't know is they are of the most reliable networks solutions online.

Secure and fast, it's all based on Amazon's S3 platform which was a huge game changer for online Photo Businesses that needed scalable and reliable storage solutions. If i'm not mistaken, it's also the backbone for Vimeo's video storage. S3 normally took a bit of coding or use of some third party uploader, but now Amazon's making storage more consumer friendly. Additional online storage can be purchased if needed, but one thing it's lacking is the ability to share out your stored files. Not a deal breaker, especially since you get 5GB free with just your basic login. Good for photos and for videos that need to be accessed from any internet connected computer. Check it out here: Amazon Cloud Drive File Storage


4 thoughts on “Amazon Cloud Storage Drive 5GB Free

  1. Allen H.

    Also..for cloud, if you buy an album ($0.69 cheapest) you get upgrade to 20gb for FREE for a year!!


  2. tormaid

    Have you ever used windows live mesh? It also allows you 5gb of storage but lets you sync folders automatically both online and on other computers. What people don't realize is there is no restriction if you sync a specific folder just with another computer. I have a large media library that I sync across my laptop and desktop and save the 5gb for important documents.

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