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November 28, 2009


Thanks for visiting my Cheesy website for more information about the Cheesy stuff I build. Hence the name ‘Cheesycam’. As a long time stills photographer mostly with Canon cameras, the Canon 5D Mark II opened up an entirely new industry with DSLR Video.

While learning the new craft shooting video on DSLR cameras, I began blogging about the various ‘Video DSLR’ tools, DIY projects, new products, workflows, tips, tricks, and methods of shooting with these unique cameras. Fortunately I was able to develop my own ideas, and began designing new products that are now available for sale through the company PhotographyandCinema.com and it’s distribution partners.

Cheesycam.com can always use some support.
There’s alot of time and thought that goes into posting useful information and money saving tips. Besides the research and writing I do to help save you time finding answers, I alone try to respond to all comments and questions, and if I can’t then point you in the right direction. I’m also actively trying to share DIY ideas to the entire DSLR video and photography community. It’s a mixture of time, dedication, passion, and generosity to manage a website like this.

The vast amount of content on this site is all posted for Free, so if you find it valuable or informative please think about supporting this website. The easiest way is to consider visiting this website for your B&HPhotoVideo , or eBay.com purchases.

By using these links below it helps me earn a few pennies along the way, and please help spread the word about the hard work that’s put into this website each and everyday.


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If this site has helped save you time spent researching, money on equipment, or even answered some questions, another way of helping out is to donate through Paypal.

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