If you have a set of led lights (or other battery powered device) that you want to turn on and off from a distance, here's a simple idea using an inexpensive set of Wireless Remote Control 12V DC Relays. To keep things fairly universal I decided to make an 'inline' cable that has a male ...continue reading

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A post shared by EMM (@mrcheesycam) on Sep 6, 2017 at 5:59pm PDT TIP: With a few spare parts you may already have laying around, you can put together a solid adjustable Smartphone or Tablet Holder for the DJI Mavic Pro remote or DJI Spark remote. If you're looking for an iPad (tablet) holder, this ...continue reading

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#Repost @satostudios ・・・ Bts of our new car mount invention. Hitch mounted @cametv elastix arms mounted to a custom built trailer hitch bar with dji ronin mounted via @cinemilled adapter. Wireless hd streamed with @cameramotionresearch connect mini to the @aputurephoto vs5 monitor! Captured bts on @gopro hero 5 😎 #GoPro #came TV #bts #gimbal #sony ...continue reading


So the new Freefly systems Movi Pro Gimbal basically sits inside of a Fig Rig (as seen in top left photo). If you're looking to get similar functionality with your Came-TV Gimbals, they all come w/ Quick Release Adapters so that you can mount those gimbals to just about anything. Here's a basic PVC frame ...continue reading


Micro Cinema Camera Rigged for Hand Held Shooting If you're not a fan of the new BlackMagic Design Micro Cinema Camera, this video is most likely going to bore you. So you may want to skip this post. But if you're currently shooting with the BMMCC (and as obsessed as I am), i'm pretty sure ...continue reading


I'm not sure how many people work with Open Frames (a.k.a Scrim Jim Frames, Cine Frames, 4x4 Frames, etc.), but it's a handy bit of kit when you need to setup diffusion, a bounce, flag a light, or to hold a gel away from hot light(s). There's a million creative things you can do with ...continue reading


As you know most high end Cinema Prime lenses don't offer threads for screw on filters. Whether it be a BlackMagic Design Production 4K, URSA, URSA MINI, or even a RED, one thing about working with with cameras that lacks built in ND filters, is that you may have to work with drop in filters ...continue reading


If you've ever had a chance to work with a medium to large size Gimbal Stabilizer, you'll know how difficult it could be shooting for more than a few minutes holding the camera at eye level. About one year ago, I presented a basic idea for a DIY Gimbal Support Backpack (read my article here) ...continue reading