7″ LCD Bag and Sun Shade Combo

Shooting outdoors in the bright sun pretty much sucks without an LCD View Finder, but come time to pan and tilt, it's not very comfortable when you're in a low position. That's where all those flip out LCDs come in handy but even the 5D Mark III falls short in that feature. This is where an external LCD comes in handy, but without a proper sunshade, you might be fighting that glare. Here's a $16 dollar little baggy that works as a protective case to transport your 7" LCD, at the same time unzips and doubles as a sun shade. How I plan to fit the SmallHD DP6 in here I won't know until it arrives. There's a rear access door as well, so hopefully i'll still be able to access all the controls on the top of the DP6.

find-price-button 7" LCD Carry Bag and Sun Shade


8 thoughts on “7″ LCD Bag and Sun Shade Combo

  1. Didn't work out for me. I have a lilliput 7 monitor, I think the 668, or might be 667, and it didn't fit for @#$@$. Just a tad too tight. I almost had it in by pulling one of the corners with some needle nose pliers, but it ruined the zipper.

    Even if i hadn't ruined the zipper, with it in the case, you can't access the bottom screw mount, and although my monitor has a screw mount on the side, the hole on the side of the case that is supposed to facilitate screwing it into an arm or whatever, doesn't align with where the hole is on the monitor, so i wouldn't have been able to mount it at all.

    Just a heads up.

  2. Tainbrain

    Hey Emm -

    Will this fit the extra width of the Swivi?

    I'm less inclined to use it for sunshade since Swivi already has one.

    Been wanting to get a bag that will protect it in travel. This seems like it might be a little on the thin side.

    Appreciate your thoughts and agree with apostolos... How do you come up with this stuff?!?! Thanks, man.

  3. YrpFilms

    I actually just purchased one of these to see how well it was built.

    First impressions? The strength and durability of the zippers are questionable.
    Great design though and a heck of an idea. Maybe someone in the US will pick up on this and produce a slightly more expensive, but better built product.

    Also, don't think about using one of these in a pinch. It took six weeks for mine to ship from China to the US. However, I think the seller offers an upgrade in shipping.

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @apostolos - Hmm..not sure about spreaders. Never needed to look into that. I'll ask around, or maybe someone else will comment.

  5. Dude you're insane! How on earth do you come up with stuff? There goes my money again. Here's a question that only you may be able to answer. I bought some used Libec sticks for next to nothing. No head. I slapped on them that Velbon cheapo head you suggested. But these things don't lock, so I need a spreader. The Libec spreaders would cost more than I paid for the sticks and head together. And it has midlevel hooks as well. Any resourceful "cheesycam-style" solution?

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